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The Event/Activity will be an extremely useful tool in your daily operations. By creating and using templates you will be able to:

  • Package and price various meeting room reservations and catering services into one package. This includes: 
    • Meeting room and Restaurant bookings - with their timing, optional setup style, descriptions for staff
    • Charges for the activities - meeting room rent, equipment hire, branded materials, coffee breaks, lunches and much more
  • Using the event templates, you can create multiple room and catering reservations with a single click, as well as charge for the related services. 
  • The event templates have the capability to 'search' for available rooms and restaurants and automatically allocate them.
  • By using the templates, you will save an immense amount of time as you won't need to enter every activity manually for every event you create
  • Reduce the mistakes which may occur if you would have entered each activity manually for every event.

Important: Please read Creating Activities through a Template afterwards to understand how you can use these templates.

Creating Templates

To create your Event templates navigate to Settings-> All Settings-> MICE-> Event Templates. Click the '+' button to start creating your template.

Note: All templates must contain activities that happen within 1 day. You cannot create an activity continuing after midnight.

Here is what you can configure in a Template:

Tip: The more information you add to the template, the less manual work you will need to do when creating an activity through the template.

  • Name (1): enter a name of the template so you can easily locate it
  • Meeting room templates (2):if the template involves meeting room bookings click on the '+' so you can configure them:
    • Activity type (3): Optional field. Allocate an activity type for this meeting room booking.
    • From/Minutes (4): Required. Enter the start type and duration of the meeting room booking
    • Meeting rooms (5): Optional. Select a specific meeting room in which this activity takes place. Leave empty if you don't always use the same meeting room for this activity type.

      When empty, the system will automatically allocate the booking to an available meeting room with the capacity to accommodate the number of attendees when creating the activity through the template.

      You can select several meeting rooms if this is a large booking that requires using several meeting rooms or if you will connect 2 rooms by removing the sliding walls between them.

    • Activity setup style (6):Optional. Select the setup style that is always used for this activity. Leave empty if the setup is flexible

      When you've selected a setup style, the system will: if you haven't added a meeting room to the template, the system will look for a meeting room that can accommodate the number of PAX for this specific setup style. Check Creating Meeting Rooms for more information.

      If you've selected a meeting room for the activity whose setup style cannot accommodate the number of attendees, an error message will show up .

    • Description / Description for the staff (7): Optional. Enter a description (visible in offers and other guest-facing documents) and description for the staff (visible in the Function Sheets) for this activity. Can describe, for example, what exactly is included, the duration, what equipment is provided (for description) and how to set it up, by what time to be ready, what to prepare (for the staff description).
    • Add charge template (8): select this when you want to add the charges associated to this activity. They will be posted automatically to the Event folio when you create the activity through the template. Press it several times to add several charges
      • Charge template (9): select the charge template you want to associate with the activity. 
      • Per guest (10): select if this charge template needs to be calculated per guest/PAX attending the activity.
      • Amount / currency (11): you can set a custom price of this charge when used through this activity template. Leave blank if the price set in the charge template should be used. Optional.
      • Print text (12): Set a custom print text for this charge when used through this activity template. You can set the same Print text for all charges which will allow you to easily combine them in one line in the Event invoice. Check Posting charges and the Event invoice for more details.

Apart from the meeting room activity, our example 'Corporate team building' package also includes 2 catering activities - a morning coffee break and a lunch. Click on 'Catering templates' to add the catering reservations.

The setup style and information you can enter is identical as the ones in the Meeting room bookings. The only difference is that instead of meeting rooms you must select a 'Restaurant' where the event will take place. You can create any location where a catering activity may be held (not strictly a restaurant, bar, brasserie, etc.). Check out Creating Restaurants (locations) for more information.

Note: Since the catering activities take place at different times, have different setup styles and are at different locations, we've clicked twice on '+Catering activities' to add two activities.

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