Housekeeping Operations - HK Report, Live Monitor, Forecast, Archive

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In this article we present to you the various Housekeeping operational screens that you can make use of.

Housekeeping Report

The Housekeeping report is the main instrument to use to get information about what needs to be done and where, based on the generated tasks for the day, including any leftover tasks from previous days.

One of the major benefits of a cloud-based solution such as Clock PMS+ is the fact that you can provide access to your Housekeepers and they should use this report to see what needs to be done today and eventually, change statuses, add comments and more. Alternatively, if providing access to the system to your Housekeepers is not something you are ready or able to do, you can print the report of distribute it to your team. To access and generate the report, navigate to menu Housekeeping->Housekeeping report. You will see the following:

  • (1) - you see the Room number, Room type, Sector and OOS status 
  • (2) - you can add a new task or an additional status. You can have many different statuses for the same room. As you can see for room 102 we have 2 separate and individual statuses with tasks. Both need to be individually completed.
    • Dirty - generated by the regular Activity Scheme with its respective Activities
    • Inspect - added by the Front Desk with the respective text as the guest has reported an issue to them.
  • (3) - you see the Activities and/or Text related to the task and the assigned Housekeeper. 
  • (4) - you can modify the particular task - complete, edit, etc.
  • (5) you can see if there are arrivals, departures or In hotel bookings.

Housekeeping Live Monitor

While the Housekeeping report is a tool designed to be mostly used by the Housekeepers, the Housekeeping Live Monitor is a useful tool for the Front Desk. To access the live monitor navigate to menu Housekeeping->Housekeeping Live Monitor.

The purpose of this screen is to provide information in real time about changes in regards to housekeeping. Please note that the screen brings the most benefits when you provide access to Clock PMS+ to your Housekeepers and they make changes during their work - mark a cleaning of a room being 'In progress'; mark a room as clean and complete and more.

As you can see in the image above, the statues and colors of the rooms change in real time. Under the 'Options' button you can enable a bell sound to be played any time there is a change to a HK status of a room.

The green color of a room indicates how recent the change was - the darker the green is, the more recent the change was.

We can see that room 014 was marked as cleaned 0 minutes ago or room 104 was marked as needing inspection again 0 minutes ago.

By providing access to your Housekeepers and using the Live Monitor at Front desk, you eliminate the 'legacy' way of communication between HK and FD - no more walkie-talkies; phone calls or the HK Supervisor coming every hour and letting you know of the newly cleaned rooms. All communication between these two departments can happen through Clock PMS+ and in real time.

Tip: We recommend 'Pinning' the Monitor tab on your browser. This way, it will always be open, but not get too much in the way of your FD staff. Furthermore, to make full use of the sound indication option, the Monitor needs to be open.

Housekeeping Forecast

During the configuration of the Housekeeping module, you've possibly applied 'Credits' to the various Activities and Activity Schemes and furthermore, you've set default credits per housekeeper. The Housekeeping Forecast is where these credits are mostly used - based on the configuration and work to be done, you will get a Forecast of how many housekeepers you will need. The forecast can be accessed from menu Reports->Housekeeping Forecast.

When you generate the Forecast, you will see activities and activity schemes that need to be performed for each of the next 10 or 30 days, the total credits and the estimated number of housekeepers that you will need for each day. By using the Forecast you can accurately plan your staff and not have too many or not enough people for the tasks at hand.

Housekeeping Task Archive

Through the 'Housekeeping Task Archive' Report, you can review the list of the generated tasks for a period. Using the room or housekeeper filters, you can easily track all the housekeepers having entered a certain room, for example. The report can be accessed by going to menu Reports-> Housekeeping Tasks Archive.

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