Transfer of Services to Group Folio

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After preparing your group folios, the next step is to summarise all the services in them. You can transfer the services manually to the respective group folio, but Clock PMS+ provides you with several tools to automatically transfer booking charges to group company folios of events.

Automatic Routing Options

To streamline the process of summarising the services in group folios, we have developed several methods to automatically transfer the rate-related services of bookings:

  • Transfer to default Company/Event/Agent folio - it is the only opt0ion you can use to automatically transfer booking charges to the main folio of a given event. With this method, the charges from all bookings are always summarised in one main folio of the company or the event, and there is no option to choose among the rest of the open folios, if any.
  • Transfer to Company/Agent folio - this method allows you to flexibly manage group folios, as you can specify the destination folio for the charges of each booking. The transfer is automatically made with the selection of the group folio in the booking.
  • Split by Company/Agent - this method allows you to automatically transfer the charges to the group folio with the booking checkout. Up to this point, they are kept in the booking, being separated in a special folio whose payer is the company to which they will be invoiced.

You can use each of the methods depending on your workflow. Please check out the respective articles to learn how to use the options for automatic routing of charges.

Manual Transfer of Charges

We have mentioned that the automatic routing options are used for the rate-related charges of the booking. If you need to transfer another type of services to the group folios or for some reason the automatic routing didn't occur, use the charge transfer function enabling you to also select not only a booking folio, but also a company or event folio as a destination for the charges. 

Bulk Transfer to a Company Folio

To further ease your work, we have provided the option for bulk transfer of charges from bookings to a preset group folio.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the Company profile for preview;
  • Click the 'All folios and details' button;

  • Scroll down to the 'Open booking folios' section. Use the 'View' button to load the bookings whose charges you would like to transfer;

  • The 'Move' button in the row of the booking allows you to make a transfer only for this booking. To perform a bulk transfer, click the 'Select multiple' button;
  • Select the bookings from the list for which you would like make the transfer;
  • Click the 'Move' button and you will see a list of all open folios in the company profile. Simply select the one to which you like to transfer the charges.

  • In the next window, mark the charges of which revenue groups are to be transferred. Upon their selection, click the 'Transfer' button.

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