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How the payment transfer works

With Clock PMS+ you can transfer the whole or part of the paid amount, registered in one folio, to another folio. Using the feature, you need to consider the following specifics:

  • When transferring a payment, the transferred amount is reflected in the Source folio as a negative payment of the 'Transfer (in-house)' type. As a description to the payment, info of the receiving folio is added;
  • In the receiving folio, a new payment of the 'Transfer (in-house)' type is registered, having an amount corresponding to the transferred amount. As a description to the payment, info of the source folio is added;
  • As a result of the operation, in the payment reports for the respective date, the movement for the 'Transfer (in-house)' type will be zero. 
  • In the Receiving folio you will not have info on the original payment type, used for the initial registration of the amount.

Source folio

Receiving folio

Payment Transferring

You can initiate the transfer through any of the corresponding folios - the Source folio (where the payment is located) or the Receiving folio (the destination of the payment transfer). Follow the steps:

  • Open the folio for review. You will find the payment transfer features in 'Payments/ Pre-authorizations' section;
  • If you are in the source folio, click the 'Transfer to' button;
  • If you are in the receiving folio, click the 'Transfer from' button;
  • Find and select the corresponding folio. Proceed through the 'Next' button;
  • At the next step, you will see info of the available amount in the source folio. You can transfer the whole or part of the amount;
  • Confirm the amount value that you would like to transfer, enter a description text and confirm the operation through the button in the upper right corner; 
  • Upon the completion of the transfer, a link will appear at the top of the screen that can redirect you to the corresponding folio.

Transfer Voiding

It is possible at any point to void the transfer payment. You can do it through any of the corresponding folios (source or receiving). Simply open the folio for review, and, in the 'Payments/ Pre-authorizations' section, find and void the payment of the Transfer (internal) type. As a result, the system will also void the corresponding payment in the related folio.

Important: The payment transfer feature is controlled by the following PMS right->Payment: Transfer.

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