Changing PAX, dates and the effect on charges

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Changing PAX

To illustrate the process of changing the number of attendees, let's consider an example where originally we had an event with 90 PAX default and a Meeting room and Catering activity with 90 PAX. 

Press the Change PAX button (1) and on the next screen indicate the new number of PAX that will attend. The system will list all Activities and automatically populate the new number of PAX for each Activity that had 90 PAX originally:

In case a particular activity had a different number of PAX than the default 90, for example, the catering activity was not going be attended by all guests, the 'New PAX' field will be empty and you can either save it as is, or enter a new value:

Effect on charges

When changing PAX, the system will automatically modify the quantity of charges that matched the original PAX. Using our example, all charges that originally had a quantity of 90 will be modified to 80.

Changing Event or Activity dates

Changing Event dates

To change the Event dates use the Calendar button on the main event page. 

You will be presented with several options:

  • Move (1) - you can select a new Arrival day for the event. The system will update all activities and charges relative to the new Arrival day.
  • Extend period (2) - the system will add new empty days to the Event. Existing activities and charges are not affected.
  • Shrink period (3) - the system will shrink the period of the event and cancel the activities and charges for the removed dates.
  • Period only (4) - you can update the period of the event without affecting the Activity and charges dates. Block dates are adjusted as they always follow the period of the event.

Changing Activity dates

Alternatively, you can change the date of a particular Activity. In the Activity section, click on the one you want to modify. The Edit screen will slide out and you can change the date.

Effect on charges

  • When using the 'Move' option for the Event, the system will modify the date of the charges, relative to the new arrival date
  • When using the 'Shrink' option for the Event, the system will void the charges posted for dates that are removed
  • When modifying the date of an Activity, the system will adjust the dates of charges posted through the activity.

When changing the period of the event or the related meeting room and catering bookings, the service date of the charges in the open folios will automatically change as per the new period. 

  • Еvent charges - charges posted directly in the event folio - a date offset as per the period will apply. 


When changing the Event dates and charges are posted directly in the event folio:

  • Event with the following period 10.02 - 12.02
  • Charges for the dates 11.02 and 12.02
  • Changing the start date of the Event to 15.02
  • The charge dates will respectively change to 16.02 and 17.02
  • When charges are posted through the meeting room and/or catering bookings, the service date of all the charges in the open folios will be changed as per the new start date.


When changing the Meeting room/Catering booking dates and charges are posted through those bookings

  • Catering/Meeting Room for the date 11.02
  • Meeting room/catering charges with dates 11.02 and 12.02
  • Changing the start date of the activities to 16.02
  • The charge dates related to the activities respectively change to 16.02 both

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