Check-In and Guest Registration Cards

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One of the important processes when handling bookings is the check-in and the correctly recording the registration cards of guests. 

Booking Check-In

To check in a booking, two certain rules are to be met: the booking's arrival date should have come and a room to have been allocated to this booking. 

Here is how you can process the arrivals for the day:

  • Load the Arrivals list. From the Navigation menu, open the 'Arrivals' screen or 'In Hotel';
  • Use the search filters at the top of the screen to find the booking to be checked in;
  • If the booking has an allocated room, simply click the 'Check In'(1) button in its row. Alternatively,  you can see how to  allocate a room.

To check in several bookings at once:

  • Click the 'Select Multiple' (2) button to switch the working mode;
  • Select the desired bookings and click the 'Check In' (3) button from the functional button row.

The checked-in bookings will disappear from the Expected (4) list for the date and will appear in the group of the already Checked-In (5).

If you have the practice of processing bookings through the 'Room Calendar' screen follow the steps:

  • Click the booking to open it for review.
  • In the Review mode, select the 'Check In' button at the top of the screen.
  • Upon the successful check-in, you will see the change to the status of the booking from 'Expected' to 'Checked-In'. 

Note: If you try to check in a booking to a room having the Housekeeping status: Dirty, Progress, etc, the system will warn you, but will not stop you, if you want to continue with the check-in.

Registration Cards

The next step in the check-in process will be the handling of the registration cards of guests.

Registration Card Completion

The registration can be performed in several different ways: guests can complete the registration cards on their own through  Online check-in or MyBooking portal. On the Arrivals list for the day, please pay attention if, for a specific booking, it is specified 'Registration cards not completed' . It is indicated through a red icon (6) after the name of the guest to show that important data is missing in the registration card.  To enter the data into the registration cards:

  • Open the booking for review and scroll down to the 'Guest' section;
  • Click the 'Edit' (10) button in the row of the first registration card and fill in the data of the first guest;
  • Use the 'Add guest' (9) button to also add registration cards for the rest of the guests in the booking;
    • Through the Search feature you can check if data of such a guest already exists in the system or through the 'New' button, you can add a new guest profile and enter their data.
  • Passport images (12) - if you have the practice of requiring your guests to provide images to provide images of ID documents, here you can upload the images. If the guest has completed the registration card on their own, you can check here if an image of the ID document is available.

To save a considerable amount of time, you can use our “ID Processor” technology to take photos of the guest's document, as their data will automatically be populated in their registration card.

Important: If, by law, you are required to ensure the completion of registration cards for each guest, open the booking for review and check if the number of the filled-in registration cards match the number of guests in the booking as specified in the 'Adults / Children' field.

Signature and Printing of Registration Cards

The already completed registration cards can be digitally signed by guests (if you have a touchscreen device) and if needed - printed out.

Single Registration Card

To require a signature from the guest:

  • Open the booking for review;
  • In the 'Guest' section, find the registration card and click the 'Print Preview' (11) button;
  • Click the blue 'Sign' (13) button at the bottom of the registration card;
  • To print out the registration card, use the 'Print' (14) button.

Multiple Registration Cards

You can use each of the booking processing screens - 'Arrivals' , 'In Hotel '-  to load the bookings whose registration cards you would like to process.

  • Click the last button (8) in the row of the booking or click the 'Select Multiple'(2) button to access the functional buttons;
  • Select the desired bookings and click the 'Registration Cards'(7) button;
  • Select the language in which the registration cards of the selected bookings to be visualised;
  • Similar to the single registration card, use the 'Sign' (13) button to require a signature from the guest, and through the 'Print' (14) button you can print out the cards.

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