Import of bookings from a file (csv)

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Purpose and features

The function allows lists of bookings following a certain format in a .CSV file to be quickly imported into Clock PMS+

To open the screen, go to 'Settings' - 'All Settings' - 'Import bookings from CSV file'. There you can also download a sample .CSV file (opened by MS Excel, OpenOffice, etc.).

To import bookings successfully, their details must correspond exactly to the nomenclature in the system.

The nomenclature concerned here is: Room type, Room, Meal, Rate, Company and/or Agent, Marketing Source/Channel/Segment, Company and/or Agent Branch . The details in these fields must be identical to those in the system. For example, if a room type in the system is set 'DBL', the corresponding room type in the import file must be 'DBL', too. The nomenclature is case sensitive.

Allowed values for the  'Status' field: expected, checked_in

'Rate' field format: the data in this field is based on the rate plan name, room type name and the rate name separated through the slash (/) character.

For example:

  • You have a rate plan named BAR;
  • A rate for a DBL room type  in this rate plan;
  • The rate name is STD;

The value in the 'Rate' field will be BAR/DBL/STD.

Field 'Country' uses the two-letter encoding of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.

If you plan to import bookings having a manual price, please use the 'Manual price' and the 'Manual currency' fields together.

If only one of these fields is used, you will get an error when testing or importing the file:

  • If you enter only one price, it will be applied to each night of the booking.
  • If you want to apply different prices per night, please enter each night price as a separate value using comma as separator. The number of prices needs to match the number of nights of the booking. For example: 100,105,100 (for a three-night booking). If the number of individual prices does not match the number of nights, you will get an error when testing or importing the file.

If the fields are empty, they will not be checked during the test or the booking import.

If you plan to import with Company and/or Agent profiles, they must be available in the system already. Furthermore, If you've created profiles for different branches of the Company/Agent, when importing you need to specify the branch as well.

If you plan to import the bookings having payments, please use all payment fields together - 'Payment amount', 'Payment currency' and 'Payment type'.

If you leave one or two of these fields empty, you will get an error when testing or importing the file.

If all are empty, they will not be checked during the test or the booking import

Allowed values for the 'Payment type' field: card, bank, debit, on-line, other.

Allowed values for the 'Manual currency' and 'Payment currency' fields: any currency currently set in the Clock PMS+ subscription.

If you plan to import bookings for which the rate charges need to be applied to the Company or Agent selected, you can enter one of the following values in column 'Rate Charges Transfer':

  • to_agent  = Transfer rate charges to Agent;
  • to_company_or_event = Transfer rate charges to Company/Event;
  • to_folio_billing_to_agent = Split by Agent;
  • to_folio_billing_to_company= Split by Company;

Important: To use the Transfer function, the Company/Agent profile must be created/imported beforehand and have the 'Accept charge transfers' button selected. 

Note: Before importing the file run function 'Test' to verify all data is correctly entered.

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