Folio Printouts and Charge Grouping Options

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Clock PMS+ offers a wide range of folio printout views. The various printouts have different grouping of charges, as this way you also get printouts of different detail levels.

In almost all printouts, the presentation of  charges is based on the print text that can be set for each charge. Thus, in invoice printouts,  charges can be shown with special, client-convenient descriptions, while preserving their usual name in Clock PMS+. 

You can add or edit the print text for each charge from the Charge template settings or by editing the charge in the specific folio. 

The charges having the same print text will be combined in some of the views following specific rules. 

The following open folio will be used as an example to illustrate the possible views in Clock PMS+:

Note: All examples will also include a second charge source (similar charges, but transferred from another booking) for better demonstration of the differences between the various views.

Standard view

In this group, we will examine the most used views:

  • 'Details': each charge is shown on a separate line. All charges are grouped by source.

  • 'By Date': the charges having the same print text, date and tax percentage are combined on one line. The Quantity column is not shown. The charges are also divided by source.

  • 'By Text/ Price': the charges having the same print text and price are combined on one line. The Date column will not be shown, as the charges could have different dates. The charges are also grouped by source.

  • 'Compact': the charges having the same print text and tax percentage are combined on one line, regardless of their price. The Date and the Quantity columns are not shown. The charges are also grouped by source.

Specific views

The views in this group are applied to specific case scenarios:

  • 'Packaged by Dates/Qty': the charges with the same dates, print text  and the same quantities will be combined in one line. The 'Quantity' column DOES NOT show the sum of the quantities of the summarised charges, but the quantity by which they have been summarised. The charge sources are ignored.

  • 'Packaged by Qty': the charges having the same quantities and print texts will be shown on one line. The Date column will not be shown.'Quantity' is shown in a manner similar to the previous view. The charge sources are ignored.

In both the 'Packaged by Qty' and the 'Packaged by Dates/Qty' views the TAX% and the TAX Amount are only visible in the tax table of the printout (in the default printout, this table is listed just under the charges). These two formats are intended for the specific needs of hotels organising events.

  • 'Single row folio': allows you to print the document in an as summarised view as possible. The charge grouping is made only based on tax rates. The user can enter their own print text depending on their needs to be used for summarising the charges. The user's custom text is used as a print text  The user-defined text is used as charge text in printouts. How to use the view, you can see HERE.

  • 'By Bookings': shows charges grouped by arrivals booking groups, based on the booking reference numbers and their stay. If you have several bookings with one and the same reference number, they will appear as one group. If a reference number is missing, the booking number is used for grouping. For each group, the total amount of charges is shown. The charges not belonging to the booking are shown separately. In this view, the name of the charge template is used, instead of its print text. This printout is intended for specific purposes when working with tour operators and booking invoicing.

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