Encoding the room key card

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If you are using a supported Room access control system, you will be able to initiate the coding of the cards and/or issue a mobile key directly from Clock PMS+, eliminating the need to switch to the access control system to do that.

Note: Please check Giving access to special areas to learn how to also include access to special areas when coding a card (e.g. access to SPA or GYM).

Initiating the issuing of the card

In order to initiate the coding of the card, you can click on the 'Key' button to start the process. The 'Key' button is available on the 'Arrivals' screen and in the booking itself.

Important: You can generate a key only after you've allocated a Room to the booking.

Important: You can generate a key prior to the arrival day unless this is disabled through the room access control settings.

When you click on the 'Key' button, the following window will pop up:

  • (1) - the main guest name which is taken from the booking. Some access control systems require this information to be transmitted to them while coding.
  • (2) - select on which encoder you want to code the card (in case you have multiple).
  • (3) - the arrival and departure dates of the booking along with the default Check-in and Check-out times (configured in the room access control settings). The card will be active between these dates and times. Can be changed at this point
  • (4) - press 'Issue Original Key ....' in order to start the process. At this point the encoder will start beeping and/or have a light signal to indicate that it is ready to encode the card you present.

Duplicates / Re-issue


Once you encode the original card you will see it in the list with the issued keys. If guests want extra cards, use the 'Duplicate'(5) button in the same window to generate the duplicate card.

Important: ALWAYS use the Duplicate button to encode a second, third, etc. card. Using the 'Issue original key...' button will automatically disable the previously generated original.

Note: When using the duplicate function, the last used encoder for the station (PC, tablet, etc.) is used, regardless of the encoder selection on the screen or the encoder on which the original was generated.


When a change to the dates is made or to the times until which the card should be active. For example, if a guest decides to stay a couple of nights more and have a late check-out a re-issue of the cards is necessary. To do so, follow the same steps and issue a new original key and any duplicates needed.

Error in coding

If there is an error during coding of a card you can use button (6) to attempt a new coding.

Mobile Keys

If you are using a room access control system that supports mobile keys, you will be able to generate those as well from the same window.

When you press the 'Key' button, an additional field will be available in the presented window:

Depending on the system you use, enter the mobile phone number and/or email address, click on 'Issue original Key ....' and the room access system will send the mobile key and/or instructions to the guest.

Furthermore, if you've already issued a physical card, you can also generate a mobile key by click the 'Send to mobile' button (2) and enter the phone number and/or email address.


  • 'Salto' users can only issue mobile keys through a mobile phone number. Entering an email address will not send anything to their inbox. 
  • 'Saflok 6000 / Ambiance' users can only issue mobile keys through a mobile phone number. Entering an email address will not send anything to their inbox.
  • 'Onity' users can generate both types of mobile keys.

Any issued mobile keys are added to the list along with information to which phone number/email address they've been sent.

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