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Apart from booking folios, with Clock PMS+ you can effortlessly process group folios. These are folios that summarise a large number of charges from multiple sources -  groups of bookings, transfers from various catering establishments or another type of extra services that are to be invoiced together .

Group Folio Creation

Most often group folios are used when working with profiles of companies or handling events.


To use group folios with the profile of a given company, you first need to enable the folios of the company to accept charges arising from other sources - bookings, catering establishments or other charges transferred from external systems.

To activate the option:

  • From the navigation menu, select Company->Search Company;
  • Find the company profile and open it for edit;
  • Click the 'Accept charge transfers' setting and save.

To the company profile, you can add an unlimited number of folios. Each of them can be intended for a different purpose.

Example: Folio 01 will be used for invoicing all company-related bookings having arrived in January, and folio 02 will be used for the bookings from February. 

To add a folio to the company:

  • Open the company for review and scroll down to the 'Folios' section;
  • Click the 'Add Folio' button from the 'Open Folios' group;
  • If needed, open the details of the newly created folio and name it, so that its purpose can be indexed.

Your group folio is ready for use.  


As a standard when creating an event offer, the system will automatically create a folio intended for summarising all services related to this event. You can also add more folios, but please note that the first folio is considered to be the main one and it will be used by the system by default.

To add a folio:

  • From the navigation menu, click Event->Search -Event ;
  • Find the event and open it for review;
  • Scroll down to the 'Folios' section and click the 'Add Folio' button.

To allow the transfer of services from various sources to folios, enable the 'Accept charge transfers' option for the company related to the given event.

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