Issue of Partial Correction Documents

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The partial correction folio feature is only applicable to closed standard folios. It provides you with the option to create a correction folio containing a correction to only part of the charges included in the main folio. You can correct the quantity or the price of each of the charges. Depending on the change direction (increase or decrease), the system issues the respective debit or credit document.

From the main screen of the closed folio, click the "Corrections" button in the “Charges” section. A view with the current state of all charges in the folio will open.

Correction of an individual charge

  • Use the filters to find the specific charge;
  • In the row of each charge, you have a cell with the current quantity and price. To make the change, click the cell and enter the correct value. 

Important: Only the change to one of the two values is allowed: quantity or price. The correction to one of the values automatically locks the change to the other one.

Mass correction to charges

To apply a change to several charges at once, please follow these steps:

  • Tick the checkbox next to all charges that you wish to correct at once;
  • Click the “Selected” button and use any of the auxiliary  features:
    • Set Price - enter the price to be applied to all the selected rows;
    • Calculate Discount - enter the discount percentage to be used for the price decrease in the selected rows; 
    • Void- void the selected rows. Depending on whether there are previous corrections for the selected rows, the feature makes their quantities or price zero;
    • Undo - revert the changes made so far for the selected rows.

Values upon the correction:

Correction document issue

All changes made to the charges are to be finalised with the issue of a correction folio. If you exit the folio screen without closing the correction folio, the changes will be reverted. Here is how to issue the correction document;

  • To complete the operation, click the “Issue a correction folio” button;
  • The system will automatically create the correction folio, will post the respective correction charges and will close it through the same type of document as the original folio.
  • Upon the completion of the correction, its printout will automatically load.
  • Return to the main folio, and, if necessary, post a payment to the amount of the correction;

Review of the issued corrections

All corrections (full or partial) are available on the main folio screen.

  • On the main folio screen, you will find all corrections to the folio in the lower left corner. To open a given correction, simply click it.     
  • The main screen of the correction folio is similar to the one of the main folio.  The correction folio is missing the Payments section, and function list only contains the ones that can be applied to correction folios.
  • To return to the main folio, use the "<" button in the upper left corner.

Main folio:

Correction folio:

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