Transferring charges (bills) to Clock PMS+

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In this article, we will explain what to do when you need to transfer a POS (restaurant, bar, etc.) bill to a folio in Clock PMS+.

Setup and requirements


Before using the function, firstly you need to enable the transfers in Clock PMS+:

  • Log in to the Clock PMS+ account to which you would like to transfer the charges and go to Settings -> All settings -> Allow charge transfers menu, then select the Clock POS account and save.

  • If you would like to be able to search by guest names when transferring bills, please select the 'Allow transfer by guest's name' option at the bottom of the page and save. Otherwise, you will be able to search only by room number.


If transferring to a booking, the booking:

  • Has to be 'Checked in';
  • Has to have a period of a stay including the current calendar date;
  • Needs to have the 'Charge transfer' option enabled (it is enabled by default). You can change this option by editing the booking;

If transferring to a Company profile, the profile:

  • needs to have the 'Accept charge transfers' option enabled (it is not enabled by default). You can change this option by editing the company profile.

The user that is transferring the bill needs to:

  • Have access to the Clock POS account (there is no need for access to the Clock PMS account)
  • To have the user right 'Cross Account Transfer' granted


Transfer to a booking folio

Open the desired bill in Clock POS and click on the 'Order / Settle' button at the top of the page, then:

  • Click the 'Select room' button to indicate, if the bill is to be transferred to a room.

  • In case this POS account is connected to several PMS+ accounts, you will be asked to select the PMS+ account to which you want to transfer.
  • To transfer to a bill of a room, search for it (1) and select it from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can search for a guest by their name, email, or phone (2), if the 'Allow transfer by guest's name' option mentioned above is enabled.

  • After you have located the booking, select it and at this point, you will have 2 options:

  • Transfer now (1) - this will complete the transfer immediately. This will post the items in the Clock PMS+ room bill, while at the same time will close the bill in the POS with a system payment type - Cross account transfer.

  • Save room (2)- if you select this option, the bill is connected to the Folio but still not transferred. Therefore the bill is still active In Clock POS and you are able to add more charges to it or void it. 
    • If the wrong room was selected, you are able to deselect it by clicking the light blue button showing the guest name and then - 'Detach'.
    • Using the same light blue button showing the guest's name, you can complete the transfer.

Transfer to a Company folio

The transfer to a Company folio follows the same steps:

  • click the 'Select company' button on the bill
  • locate the company profile
  • select one of the existing open folios in the profile or create a new one
  • the profile will be saved and you need to click the blue button in the bill to complete the transfer (as with the 'Save room' option explained above)

Tip: In case you use touchscreen devices in your establishment, we highly recommend collecting the guest's signature through the device before proceeding with the transfer. The signature will be printed on the receipt when the bill is closed. If you do not use such devices or simply do not collect the signature digitally, on the receipt there will be a signature line for the guest to sign.

Results of the transfer

In Clock POS

  • a system payment equal to the total of the bill will be posted with a payment type - Cross-account transfer
  • the bill will be closed

In Clock PMS+

  • the items from the POS bill will be posted in the PMS+ folio with all the information - names of items, price, tax%, currency,
  • the transferred items keep the revenue group and category with which they were created in Clock POS.

  • if needed, PMS+ users can easily see the bill from Clock POS (including digital signature) by clicking on the link in the folio (pictured above). They do not need to have access to the POS account in order to see it.

Undo transfer

Reverting a transfer might be needed in case you did a transfer to the wrong booking initially or suddenly the guest decided to pay via cash or card. If you need to revert a transfer:

  • locate the closed bill in Clock POS from Management -> 'Closed bills' (if the bill has been closed in the same day) or 'Closed bills - search', if the bill was closed/transferred on a previous day.
  • access the bill
  • click the red 'Undo transfer' button

  • once you Undo the transfer, the 'Cross-account transfer' payment will be removed and the closed bill will be unpaid. You will need to apply a payment (cash or card) to balance it or redo the transfer to the correct booking.


  • This is possible only if the folio in Clock PMS+ is still open.
  • Voiding the items in Clock PMS+ (instead of using the 'Undo transfer') will not revert the transfer or void the bill in Clock POS.
  • Voiding the bill in Clock POS (instead of using the 'Undo transfer') will not revert the transfer or void the items in the Clock PMS+ folio.

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