How to Check in Guests with Individual Bookings to One Room

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Usually in Clock PMS+, we create one booking for one room, to which we add all the guests checked-in to this room. In practice, there are cases  when it is necessary to create individual bookings for the guests sharing one room, e.g. when organising professional forums where each guest covers their overnight stays or the guests in the room should be invoiced separately due to corporate contracts, or simply because they arrive and/or depart on different dates.

Here is how to handle this case:

Room Sharing

First, create a booking for each of the guests with the specific parameters for each booking. To group bookings, you can bind them with a common Reference Number allowing you to find them. However, it doesn't tell the system that the guests from the two bookings will share one and the same room.

To mark that the bookings will be checked in to one room, it is necessary to allocate one and the same roomOtherwise, the system will  assume that each booking is allocated an individual room. Here is how it is done:

  • Allocate a room number for the first booking;
  • Open the next booking for edit and select the same room number from the list in the "Arrival Room". Save.;
  • A warning message will appear on the screen that the room has already been occupied by another booking. You will see a list of the rest of the bookings allocated to this room. To confirm, click the "Continue" button.

Repeat the steps for all the bookings that you would like to allocate to the same room. In the details of each booking, you will see info of the room sharing and the details of the rest of the bookings.

In the Room Calendar, the bookings are shown with overlapping periods.

Important: The option for the allocation of several bookings to one room is controlled by the PMS user right: Room Sharing.

Price of the Shared Room

When sharing a room, you should know that the price for each of the bookings will be calculated individually in accordance with the terms of its rate. In the calculation of the price, the guests from the rest of the bookings sharing the room are not taken into account. If the sum of all the bookings does not match the room price, use the manual price option and set the correct price for each booking.

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