Creating an Event

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The Event page is your one-stop-shop for everything Event related. Meeting room bookings, blocks, catering activities cannot be created without having an Event page first. See below how to create an event and what information you can input.

Creating an Event

To create an event navigate to menu Event-> New Event. The following page will open where you can input the details. 

  • PAX (1) - enter the number of people attending the event. You can enable the slider in case there will be different number of people attending the various activities. By doing this, you will need to enter number of PAX for each activity when creating it.
  • Company (2) - select a company profile organizing the event. Required field.
  • Name (3) - enter a name of the event. Required and visible in guest-facing features.
  • Guarantee status (4) - select the guarantee status of the Event. You can choose from 4 statuses:
    • Allotment - usually applied if you use an Event for the purpose of managing allotment agreements with a company or tour operator through room blocks. Quite often, these allotments do not get fulfilled, hence, blocks in an 'allotment' event will NOT reduce the availability or the room types and the units will be available for sale elsewhere.
    • Optional - can be used when there is interest by organizers to organize an event, but nothing concrete yet. Room blocks in an 'Optional' event will NOT reduce availability of the room types.
    • Non-guaranteed - use this when the Event will be going ahead and you are awaiting the guarantee (e.g. deposit payment). Room blocks in a 'Non-guaranteed' event WILL reduce the availability of the room types.
    • Guaranteed - use this when all guarantee conditions (e.g. deposit) have been met. Room blocks in a 'Guaranteed' event WILL reduce the availability of the room types. 
  • Arrival/Departure (5) - enter the start and end date of the Event. Required.
  • Activity Calendar (6) - open the activity calendar to check the availability of your Meeting Rooms, Restaurants and Hotel occupancy. You will be able to add activities for the new event and once you Save (7), all activities will be created. Read more about Activities and the Activity Calendar HERE.

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