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One of the most important responsibilities is the correct processing of departures. Now you know that full information about departing bookings for the day can be obtained through the 'Departures' operating screen. You can open it through the quick link in the Navigation bar. Here is how you can easily process the bookings:

Single Booking

  • Find the desired booking (you can use the Search feature at the top of the screen);
  • Check the booking balance:
    • If the booking has no outstanding amounts (balance is 0), use the 'Check Out' (1) in its row to check it out of the system;

If the booking has an open folio that is balanced you have two options:

  • Empty folio (no charges and payments in it) - the system will automatically suggest that you void it. Confirm the checkout through the 'Check Out'  button;
  • The amount of charges is equal to the amount of the payments in the folio - the system will mark the folio for automatic closure. Before confirming the checkout, you can select the document type to be issued.

  • If not balanced, open the booking for edit:
    • First, process the folio.
    • Upon processing the folio, use the 'Check out' button on the booking's review screen;


    • Go back to the 'Departures' screen and check out the booking in the described above way.

Multiple Bookings

To process several bookings at once, first, switch to this working mode through the 'Select Multiple' (2) button. If necessary, use the Search feature to reload the booking list:

  • Select the bookings that you would like to check out;
  • If the booking has no outstanding amounts, click the 'Check Out' (3) functional button. If there is an open balanced folio in any of the bookings, the system will suggest the options described above in relation to a single booking; 
  • If the bookings have outstanding balances:
    • First, you need to process their folios. You can issue a separate document for each booking or a common document for all. 
    • Upon processing the folios, return to the 'Departures' screen and check out the bookings the way described above.

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