Guest Profiles - The Guest profile, Searching and Merging

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Guest Profile Search

To open the list of your guest profiles, navigate to menu Booking->Guest Profiles.

Once you are in the Guest profiles section, you can search by several different methods:

  • Text search (1) - search for Guest profiles matching the entered text. You can search by Name, phone or email.
  • Show all (2) - will load the list of all guest profiles
  • Marketing acceptance (3) - load only the guest profiles that are marked as 'Do accept marketing emails' or 'Do not accept marketing emails'.

Alternative, you can also click the 'Advanced search' (4) tab so you can to do a more refined search based on different filters:

The Guest Profile

The guest profile page itself is designed to be informative and present a lot of information about this profile in one place. As explained HERE, guest profiles are one of the elements that is shared between all accounts in your subscription, hence, you are able to see if this guest has also stayed in other properties from your organization.

The information that you can see in the Guest profile:

  • (1) - Main contact information about this guest
  • (2) - Any labels (profile field 'Level') and/or notes (profile field 'Notes') attached to this profile. These two will pop-up in any booking to which this profile is attached.
  • (3) - You will see a list of bookings to which this profile is attached, including bookings from other properties.
  • (4) - You will see a list of booking in which this profile is marked as 'Contact person'.
  • (5) - You will see list of the Booking enquiries sent to this guest.

Additionally, through the page you can also edit the profile:

  • (6) - You can edit the guest profile information
  • (7) - You can attach a photo to this guest profile. You can either use a camera to take a photo of the guest or upload a file.
  • (8) - change log showing the changes made to this guest profile.

Merging Guest profiles

If you come across two (or more) separate profiles related to the same person, you have the ability to merge them, thus combining their history and information under one profile.

In order to merge guest profiles:

  • Search by a common element in the guest profile to load those profiles.

  • Select the profiles you would like to merge (they will get highlighted in green)
  • Click 'Merge selected guests'.

  • Select the 'Target guest', i.e. it will be the profile to remain. We recommend selecting the profile that has the most information or the most up to date information to be the target.

  • On the next screen, the system will present to you the completed fields for each of the profiles so you can select the (final) information that will be allocated to the merged profile before saving.

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