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Now that you know how to post charges and payments to the folio, we can examine how the final document is issued. The document can be issued after closing the folio. Here is how to do so:

Guest document

The easiest way to find a booking folio is by opening the booking for review. Find the folio in the “Rates and folios” section. If NO corrections to the existing charges or the billing to details are necessary, you can close the folio directly from here:

  • Through the payment buttons (1), you can add a payment if the folio is unbalanced. The "Credit Card" button is intended for registering card payments via a payment processor;
  • Close the folio through the 'Close'(3) button. The system will suggest making your choice among the possible document types that are already set up;
  • Select the document type and you are good to go;


  • Open (2) the folio for review;
  • In the 'Billing to' (4) section, you can change the folio's recipient's details. Through the 'Edit' (5) button you can make corrections to the details of the current one, and through the 'Change' (6) button you can select a new one;
  • In the “Payment” section, add a payment, if necessary;
  • If corrections to the charges are needed, make them before closing the folio;
  • When ready, close the folio through Close Folio (7) button by simply selecting the document type that you would like to issue;
  • You will see the document printout format. You can print it through the 'Print' button.

Note: In closed folios, you cannot make changes to the charges. You cannot change the Billing to details, you can only make changes to the existing recipient. Naturally, the addition of payments is allowed.
Important: Clock PMS+ allows you to close an UNbalanced folio. The feature is controlled through PMS+ right->Folio: Close folio with outstanding balance.

Company document

If a folio is created for a Company profile, it is automatically selected as its recipient. If it is a booking folio, however, it is necessary to change its billing to details before closing folio, so that you can issue a document to the company. Here is how to do so:

  • Open the folio for review;
  • To select a new recipient, click the Change (6) button in the Billing to row;
  • If you see the company in the "Suggestions" section, simply select it;

  • If you don't find it on the list of suggestions, first, check if there is already available data from this company. Click the 'Search'(9) button and then select 'Companies'. The quickest way to make a check is by entering the company identification number, you can look for it by its name;

  • If there is no data of the company in the system, click the 'New Company'(10) button to add it. Fill in the necessary fields and confirm through the 'Create and Select' (11)  button.

  • Follow the familiar steps to add a payment to the folio. 
  • Close the folio through the Close Folio (7) button;

Tip: To save time when entering the data of the new company, you can use the automatic retrieval option through its VAT number. The function is only available for companies registered in EU countries.

Non-resident document

We have already mentioned that non-resident folios are intended for the cases when you need to issue a document to a person not being a hotel guest. To add the folio:

  • From the navigation menu, select Other functionalities->Non-Resident Folios;
  • Use the 'Add Folio' button to create a new folio;
  • Post the charges and payments to the folio in the already familiar way;
  • Before issuing the document, if necessary, you can change the Billing to details in the manner described above; 
  • Close the folio in the above manner.

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