Giving access to special areas

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Note: This guide is an addition to Encoding the room key card

Depending on how you operate, guests may need access to additional doors if they have purchased a specific additional service - for example, guests may use your Wellness centre and will need their card to open the Wellness center doors.

Adding the Special areas for coding

Regardless of if guests purchase such extra services in advance or during their stay, you need to add these additional doors to the booking for coding.

In order to do so:

  • edit the booking
  • scroll down to the field 'Additional doors'
  • select which doors should the cards open - the options that will be presented are the special area doors that have been added in the Room Key settings.

  • if you haven't issued a key prior to adding the additional doors, proceed to code the card as usual (e.g. at check-in)
  • if you add these additional doors after a key has been issued (e.g. guests booked this during their stay), proceed to 'Re-issue' the key cards.

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