Using Tablets as Customer Displays

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In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality technology, a standout feature in this digital revolution is the use of tablets as customer displays during guest check-ins. This innovative approach not only streamlines the registration process but also marks a significant stride towards environmental sustainability and reduced costs by eliminating the need for paper. 

This article will guide you through the seamless process of adding tablets as customer displays in Clock PMS and subsequently, how to use them.


The feature allows you to present and request information to your guest at check-in, in a digital, modern, and seamless way. 

If guests have not signed their registration cards (including agreeing to your hotel policy) through the Online Check-in or Self Service portal, they can do so at check-in on a tablet you have designated for this purpose. Alternatively, you can present a QR code, which they can scan and navigate to the Online Check-in. You can fix the tablet on a stand at the reception, opposite the guest or leave it free-standing - it is up to you.   

This is done through a very minimalistic and speedy interface and you can utilize numerous tablets to act as Customer displays.

Adding tablets

  • On the tablet(s), open Clock PMS+ and log in. Please do not forget that you need your subscription serial number as the tablet is a new device.
  • From the navigation menu, select Settings-> All Settings -> section Guest Engagement-> click Customer Display
  • Click the '+' button to register the tablet.
  • Enter the Name field to be able to recognise the tablet, if using more than one tablet.
  • You can select a background image to be shown when the tablet is not used. The background image can also be added later on from the tablet edit screen.
  • On the tablet, a grey, empty screen or the background image will open. The app is configured and started.
  • Complete the process with the next step:

Important: Create a shortcut or add the current address (URL) to your browser's favourites. This way you will be able to re-open the 'Customer display' app in case you close the browser. If you don't create the shortcut and you close the browser, please delete the tablet and add it again to reach this step.

  • For your security, you are automatically logged out of Clock PMS+. When using the 'Customer Display' app, it does not require a logged-in user, and, respectively, there is no risk of unauthorised use of Clock PMS+ by other persons.
  • In case the tablet is stolen or lost, it is necessary to do the following: Go to the 'Customer display' settings again and delete the tablet from there. This way you will remove its access to Clock PMS+ and forbid the use of 'Customer Display' from it.
  • For your convenience, we have also added a direct link to the Customer Display translations located under the list of tablets.

Using the Tablets

Presenting your Hotel policy and requesting a signature

  • Through the device you use for your operations at the front desk (PC, laptop, another tablet), find the guest's booking and open it.
  • If necessary, create a new registration card. Click the "Signature" button in the registration card row.

  • The first time, you will need to select which of the registered tablets to be used for requesting the guest's signature. Select the tablet from the "Customer display" field and click the "Request Signature" button;

  • On the tablet designated for the signatures, guests will see the following:
    • Hotel Policy description;
    • "I agree with the policies." checkbox;
    • A field for the guest to sign.

  • After the guest signs and clicks Confirm, you will see the signature on your screen. That's all. Exit the screen and proceed with the next registration card.

Presenting a QR code to navigate to the Online Check-in

  • Through the device you use for your operations at the front desk (PC, laptop, another tablet), find the guest's booking and open it.
  • Click the 'Online Check-In QR' button in the 'Guest' section

  • The first time, you will need to select on which of the registered tablets you want to show the QD code. Select the tablet from the "Customer display" field and click the "Show QR code" button;

  • The QR code will show on the selected tablet and the guest can scan it and navigate to the Online Check-in.
  • The QR code will be hidden from the Display if you press the Back button. Also, it will automatically hide after 40 seconds if you accidentally leave it open
  • Since you also see the QR code, you can scan it with another of your devices and give that to the guest to complete the check-in (if for example, their phone has run out of battery.)

Presentation of a QR Code for reviewing a specific folio

  • Open the folio you want to present to the client;
  • Click on the "QR code" icon button;

  • Select the tablet on which the QR code will be displayed and confirm by clicking the 'Send' button;

  • The QR code will be displayed on the selected tablet, the customer can scan it and review the content of the folio.

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