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В Clock PMS+ you can easily and quickly reflect a guest's room change. You can use the feature for changing the room of guests already in the hotel, as well as for planned room changes for expected bookings. 

New Room Change

Here is how to reflect the room change:

  • Find the booking and open it for review;
  • Click the 'Edit' button in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Scroll down to the 'Room Change' section and select the 'Add Room change' (1) button;
  • Fill in the date (3), from which on the booking's room change should take effect;
  • From the drop-down list select a room number (4), to be used for the room change;
  • Save (7) the booking changes.

For each room change of a booking, you will need to add a new date and select  room for the change.

If a room change is set for a booking, on the 'Room Calendar', you will see the stay of the booking divided for the two rooms from the respective date on.

Note: A room change for a booking is possible, only if the 'Disable Room Change' (2) IS NOT enabled.

Correction to a Room Change

By opening the booking for review, you can see all its room changes under the room number to which the booking is to be or is already checked in. To make a correction:

  • Open the booking for edit (8) and scroll down the Room change section;
  • You can correct both the date of the set room change and the room number;
  • Through the red button (6) at the row's end, you can delete the room change;
  • Through the 'Done' (5) button you can specify that guest has already been moved to another room. When using this feature, the system changes the housekeeping status of the released room to 'Dirty'. It is used only in case you don't have a Housekeeping Activity Scheme for the rooms.

Note: The booking's room change will not impact its price.

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