ROMANIA - Specifics of the Romanian Fiscalisation Feature in Clock PMS+

Modified on: Thu, 15 Jun, 2023 at 7:18 AM


Clock PMS+ allows you to easily issue payment documents fiscalized in accordance with the local tax requirements of Romania. Clock PMS+ is a full cloud-native solution that can be used from different input devices under one Clock account.

Fiscal document types: Select which document types to be fiscalized.

Require folio fiscalization: Set if the folio documents need to be fiscalized.

Default fiscal printer: Select default fiscal printer for the entire account.

Fiscalization requires DXPrint driver license and supported fiscal printer. 

  • Only balanced folio / invoice with payments are subject of fiscalization.
  • Debit documents with balanced master folio are subject of fiscalization.
  • Credit documents are NOT in scope of the fiscalization trought the fiscal interface.

Reference to DXPrint setup.

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