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The Event Activity calendar is your go-to tool to get information about the availability of your meeting rooms and restaurants and also to create and edit an Activity. This article will give you an overview of the calendar with its different components and a breakdown of all the available information and functions. 

Access to the Activity calendar

To start, you can access the Activity calendar in several ways:

  • Through the 'New event' screen - enter a period in the calendar and press one of the 2 calendar buttons. The activity calendar will open in the 'By hours' mode for the first day of your selected period.

  • Through an Existing event - through an existing event you can click on a date in the activities section and the calendar will open for that date or click the '+Add' button and select a date. The calendar will open for that date.

The Activity Calendar overview

The Activity calendar is divided into 3 sections - Meeting rooms, Catering, and Hotel availability.

Note: To see Hotel availability you must enable it from the Settings icon (8) and select 'Show occupancy'

  • Date / Period (1): You can change the Date or Period through the calendar button (1). When you've opened the Activity calendar through an existing event or while creating an event with entered dates, you will see those dates marked in the date selector (1).

Furthermore, if you select a date outside of the Event period, a warning Icon will be visualized

  • View Mode (2): There are 4 different view modes from which you can choose. Please read Activity Calendar view modes for detailed information on each.

  • Setup style selector (3): for both Meeting rooms and Restaurants you can select a particular Setup style. This will filter the spaces and leave only the ones that support that Setup style. Check Creating Meeting Rooms and Creating Restaurants (locations) for more details.

  • Capacity (4): in the capacity column you will see the Min / Max capacity of the space. If you've selected a setup style, the column will show the Min / Max capacity for that particular setup style.
  • Legend (5): all activities booked for the loaded day/period will be colored. See below for more details.
  • Filters (6): through the Filter button you can control which spaces you see on the calendar. You can select several meeting rooms and/or restaurants and only those will show on the calendar. Furthermore, you can also filter for spaces that can accommodate a particular number of attendees.

  • Templates (7): click to create activities through Event templates. Read Creating Activities through a Template for more information.
  • Settings (8): through the settings button you can:
    • enable all hours on the calendar - from midnight to midnight. Applicable for the 'By Hours' view mode
    • set what interval to have on the calendar - 10,15,30,60 minutes. Applicable for the 'By Hours' view mode
    • enable or disable Hotel availability calendar
    • define what will be the default start and end time for a day and the default interval. Applicable for 'By Hours' view mode.

Activities on the Calendar


If you've opened the calendar through a particular event you will see Active and/or Optional activities from that event in dark green / orange, while the activities from other events will be light green / orange. Applicable for view modes 'By Hours' and 'By Activities'

Restaurant occupancy

For Catering activities, you will see the number of PAX attending for each interval and restaurant/location. If catering activities are overlapping in the same location for an interval, you will see total occupancy for that interval.

Creating, editing, and moving activities

Through the Activity calendar, you can also easily create new activities and edit or move existing ones. 

Please read Creating and editing Activities for full details.

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