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To assist you with managing your events, Clock PMS+ offers you several screens intended for that purpose.

Event Search

The Event search is the main search tool. You can access it from menu Event-> Search - Event.

You will see a plethora of different filters which you can use to search for specific events, some more notable ones being:

  • Quick search buttons (1) - pre-configured buttons designed to load the specific events with just a click
  • Assigned to User (2) - search for events assigned to a user of Clock PMS+.
  • Assigned to department (3) - search for events assigned to a specific department
  • Client requirements (4) - in an event, you can use this field to specify that everything is ready in relation to the clarification of the client requirements for the event.
  • Show event notes (5) - useful button that will show in the search results any notes added to the event.

The results will show you the most important information for each of the events falling within your search criteria such as period of the event, company profile, status and any blocked room types. Furthermore, through the arrow button you can quickly open room bookings part of the event, the block pick up report or convert blocks.

Event Activity Search

While through the Event search you can locate events, the Activity search focuses on showing you activities within an event - meeting room bookings and catering activities. You can access it from menu Event->Search - Event Activities.

The notable filters here are:

  • Activity type (1) - search by a specific Activity type you have.
  • Bookings/Catering (2) - search for Meeting room bookings or Catering activities only.
  • Details (3) - choose how detailed the results should be.
  • Locations (4) - search for MR bookings for a specific Meeting room or Catering in specific Restaurant.

Depending on the 'Details' mode you select, you will see more or less information in the results.

Compact View

Detailed View

In hotel/Expected Events

The final screen that you can use to get an overview of the events is the In Hotel / Expected events screen which you can access from menu Event-> In Hotel / Expected events 14 days.

There are no filters here, the screen will load current events or events starting within the next 14 days. You can create a hotel room booking associated with the event (1) or convert an existing block to a booking (2).

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