'Discount' and 'Deduct taxes' functions

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The features that we will review here will ease your work with folios. Their use will significantly speed up the processing of folio charges. You can find these features in the 'Charges' screen.


The feature allows you to apply a percentage discount to some or all services in the folio. The discount is reflected in the folio as a negative charge. Here is how to do so:

Discount for specific charges

  • Open the document for review and click the 'Details' button in the 'Charges' row;
  • From the list, select the charges to which you would like to apply a discount;
  • Use the '% Discount' (1) option on the right side of the screen;

  • Fill in the fields, as follows; 
    • Discount percentage (3) - enter the amount of the discount;
    • Text (4)  - enter the charge text to be used for reflecting the discount. If you  a preset discount template, the field is not mandatory, the text set in the template will be used instead;
    • Post (5):
      • Post as Discount - to all services having the same tax rate, a common discount will be applied and it will be of the 'Discount' revenue group.
      • Post using the selected Revenue Groups - for the services of each revenue group, the discount amount will be calculated  and the charge will be allocated to the respective Revenue group.
    • Confirm the discount charge (6).

Discount for the whole folio or revenue group

To apply a discount to all charges of a given revenue group, or for a whole folio, please follow these steps:

  • Open the document for review and click the 'Details' button in the 'Charges' row;
  • Click the 'Functions' button in the upper right angle;
  • From the 'All Charges' group, select  the '% Discount'  All (2) option;
  •  Fill in the fields similarly to the previous method;
  • Apply to (7) - select the charges of which revenue groups to have the discount applied to.
  • Confirm the discount charge (6).

Deduct taxes

The feature is applied to all charges in a folio. As a result of its use, all services to which tax is levied, will now have a 0 tax rate. Under the tax modes "Tax included in prices", the price of the services will be recalculated, as the amount of the removed tax will be deducted from this price. To use the feature:

  • Open the folio for review and go to the Charges screen;
  • Select the Functions->Deduct taxes button.

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