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How the payment move works

The move of payments allows you to move a payment registered in one folio to another open one of the same or another booking, company or event. In contrast to the transfer function::

  • With the payment move, no new payments arise, but the location of an existing payment changes;
  • The payment is moved, as all its details are preserved - payment date and type, transaction details (with card payments through payment provider);
  • The full payment amount is moved and you cannot move partial amounts;
  • The payment move option is not available as a standalone function to be applied to payments.

The payment move can be made with two of the folio operations:

'Re-Open' Function

The function is available only for closed folios. In applying it, the system will void the folio, but the payments, if any, will be preserved. The feature automatically creates a copy of the source folio and moves the available payments to it. Through this option, you cannot determine where to move the payments, they are always moved to the source folio copy.

Payment move when voiding a folio

When voiding a folio containing payments, you can select how payments to be processed. In contrast to the previous function, here you have control over the payments and can select if you wish for the payments to be moved and which folio is to be the receiving folio. Here is how you can do it:

  • Upon clicking the Void function, an additional screen opens where you need to confirm the operation. If the folio contains payments, the system will show a warning message and will enable the payment move option.

  • To keep the payments, select a receiving folio. Follow the steps described how to choose a corresponding folio;
  • Upon the folio selection, enter the void reason and confirm through the 'Void folio' button.

Upon the completion of the operation, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen. If you follow it, you can access the folio receiving the payments.

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