Charge Handling in a Group Folio

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The group folio is like any other folio with the only difference it contains charges of a large number of sources and being united by a common denominator like being charges from all bookings of a company for the previous month or all the charges  related to an event, etc.

The large volume of charges in the folio may lead to issues with their preparation for invoicing.  With Clock PMS+, you will not have such issues as the system recognises large group folios. When you open such a folio, the charge data will load in a compact view, without wasting time on showing the details of all charges in the folio.

Charges Section - compact view

The compact view of the screen is automatically loaded when operating with large group folios. It allows you to quickly get familiar with the folio content and find the charges that you would like to process. 

Instead of charge details, the compact view shows you information of their sources.

  • To locate a given charge, you will first need to find its source. To this end, we have added a Source filter at the top of the screen. If the source is a booking, you can search by the booking's number and reference number, arrival's date, guest names, etc.- the whole info you see in the summary row.
  • Upon finding the source, you can load the charge by clicking the “+” button at the beginning of its row. If necessary, you also have a quick link to the respective booking (source).

  • Within a source, if necessary, you can also use additional charge filtering to speed up the search. More info about filters on the Charges screen can be found in Charge filtering.

Processing of charges from several sources

You know that you need to first select the charges, so that you apply some of the functions to them. The selection is to be within one source. Here is how to proceed if you need to apply a function to charges from several sources:

  • Use the Source filter to find each of the sources;
  • Open the charges of the specific source and select the services to which you would like to apply the function;
  • Repeat the steps for the rest of the sources and when you have selected all charges, apply the respective function.

Note: You can easily switch between the compact and the detailed mode of the screen and combine various filters, the chosen selection of charges will not be removed until you apply the respective function.

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