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In this article, we will examine what the fastest way is to find and process a booking. In Clock PMS+, you have several booking search screens depending on the specific situation.

'Departures', 'Arrivals' and 'In Hotel' Operating Screens

The three screens are identical and intended to ease your day-to-day work at the reception. You can easily open them using the quick links in the navigation bar.


By default, the screen loads the data for the current date, but you can also set a date of your choosing (1) to see the list of departures. In the upper part of the screen, you will find the search filters (2) in the booking list section. The bookings are divided into two groups - Departures and already Checked-Out. Here are the screen's options:

  • In the row of each booking, you see the current balance (3) (amounts due) and a number of open folios (4) of the booking;
  • Quick Check out (6) button for the booking (if there are no amounts due);
  • Quick Open (7) button to process the folio (if there are amounts due);
  • You can open (5) each booking for review and edit;
  • 'Select Multiple'(8) button - it switches processing mode to the one for multiple bookings. The mode allows you to perform operations with multiple bookings at once. The Functional buttons (9) are located over the booking list;
  • You can export (10) the list and print it out (11);
  • If there are unprocessed departures from previous dates, in the upper part of the screen, you will see an access link  (12) to the list of these bookings.


The screen is similar to the previous one. By default, it loads the arrivals for the current date. At your disposal are the same filters, but with a different booking grouping:

  • Expected(13) for the date - booking not checked in yet;
  • Checked-In (14) -  bookings already checked in for the date;
  • Expired (15) - a list of valid bookings that should have arrived on previous dates;
  • No Show (16)- a list of bookings arriving on the specific date, but marked as No Show;

The quick buttons allow you to:

  • Open a booking for review and edit;
  • Automatically call room allocation (17) for the booking or allocate a room number yourself (18);
  • Encode a key card (20) for bookings with an allocated room;
  • Check in (19) a booking with an allocated room.

The multiple booking edit mode is also available on this screen.

In Hotel

The screen loads info of all bookings for the current date that are to be processed within that date. It combines the bookings from the previous two screens along with the already checked-in ones. Here are the bookings that can be found on this screen:

  • All Arrivals on the date divided into lists - Expected (24) and already Checked-In(21);
  • All Departures (23) on the date that are yet to be marked as "Checked-out";
  • All Checked-in (22) from the previous dates remaining in the hotel. 

Every booking can be opened for review and edit. You have several quick buttons directly on the screen to:

  • Allocate a room and check in the expected bookings;
  • Check out the departures;
  • Issue a key card for a booking;

Once again here you can switch to the multiple booking mode.

If there are bookings from previous dates that are not checked out yet, a link appears (25) in the upper part of the screen to access the list of these bookings.

Search Booking Screen

You can access the screen by going to the navigation bar and select Booking->Search Booking. The screen is similar to the already reviewed ones above, however, it opens without loading a list of bookings. To locate bookings or a group of bookings, follow these steps:

  • Select the month (26) matching the stay of the respective bookings;
  • Use the filters (27) in the upper part of the screen to set your search criteria.

The booking search results are grouped depending on their status (Checked-In, Expected, Checked-Out, No Show and Cancelled).

Similar to the previous screens, here you find the same options for booking processing. In the upper part of the screen, you have a link to the Advanced Search (28) of bookings providing more options to search and process bookings.

Fast search of bookings

The Fast search of bookings is available almost on any operating screen. You can access it from the magnifier icon button (29) in the top right. It allows you to quickly search all bookings having the "Expected" and  "Checked-In" statuses. You can use it in the following manner:

  • Click the magnifier icon button to open the search panel;
  • Enter the search criteria (30). You can look for by:
    • number of: a room, booking and reference;
    • contact info of the booking - including the details of the guest or the contact person of the booking;
  • To include the "Expected" bookings in the search, enable the respective option (31);
  • Initiate the search through one of the two buttons (32) depending on the search criteria used.

All results matching the search criteria will appear in the search panel. From here you can:

  • Open the booking for review (33);
  • Open the MyBooking portal (34) for the specific booking;
  • If the result includes several bookings, you can select it (35) to open them in the Advanced Search of the bookings (36);

If you do not find the booking you are looking for, you have a direct link to the Advanced Search (37) providing a greater range of search options.

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