Event Statuses and Cancelling Event

Modified on: Wed, 29 May, 2024 at 12:35 PM


There are additional functions on the Event page that assist you with your daily operations.

Check-in status

Apart from the Guarantee status of an event, we've added also a status of the state of the event - expected, checked-in, checked-out along with cancelled/no show. Use the Checked-in/Checked-out statuses once the first guest or organizer arrives and respectively, the last guest/organizer leaves.

We have chosen an implementation with two statuses instead of one to avoid the loss of important information. This way you can also have information of lost business (Cancelled, No Show) and what guarantee status was in this case (Allotment, Option, Non-Guaranteed, Guaranteed).

To change the status of an Event, click the status bar on the top left and select 'More...'. From the pop-up window you can change the Check-in status and the Guarantee status:

Cancelling an Event

To cancel an event, click on the status bar and select 'Cancel Event'. From the pop-up window you can Cancel/No show (3) the event and we will warn you about several things:

  • Unused blocks will be released (1)
  • Meeting room activities will be cancelled (1)
  • Catering activities will be cancelled (1)
  • You can select to void open folios that do not have a payment in them (4)
  • The system will notify if there are folios with a payment or closed folios and that they need to be handled manually after the cancellation (5)

Cancellation of the hotel room bookings

When cancelling an event the system will warn you of existing hotel room bookings part of the event (2). They will not be cancelled automatically and you will need to cancel them manually. To ease this operation, click the 'Mass functions' option:

All bookings will be listed in the Mass edit screen from where you can easily select and modify them - e.g. cancel them.

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