Function 'Transfer to Company/Agent folio'

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Function 'Transfer to Company/Agent folio'

We have added a tool for better management of booking charges related to Companies/Agents. Through the option, you can easily transfer all charges coming from the rate to a folio of your choosing belonging to a Company/Agent specified in the booking. In contrast to the rest of the transfer options, here the transfer can be made in case of an already existing  booking.

How it works

  • To charge booking services directly in a folio of an Agent/Company, select the option Transfer to Company/Agent folio (3) and indicate the specific transfer folio (4). On the list, all open folios of the Company and/or Agent selected in the booking will be visualised.  For each booking, you  can select one transfer folio. 

  • You can apply the option for a transfer to multiple bookings at once. To this end, use the Company Booking Charges by Reference Report:
    •  Through the report's filters, load the bookings to which you would like to apply the transfer option.
    • After generating the results in the report  through the 'Mass update' (6) button, specify the Transfer folio that will be added to all selected bookings of the list (5). In the events when you don't yet have an open folio or you need a new one, click the add button (7) in the dialogue window and then enter the desired name for the new folio and confirm.

Rate charges (overnight stays and packages) that are in open folios will automatically be transferred to  the selected folio. If necessary, you can stop the process through the 'STOP' (8) button. This way you stop the changes to all bookings that haven't been updated yet.


  • At any time you could select the option and/or change the transfer folio, and the existing charges, if in an open folio, will automatically be transferred to the newly chosen one.
  • Changes related to the transferred charges, e.g. a stay period change, rate, etc., are directly reflected in the transfer folio. All newly arising charges will be created in the transfer folio.
  • If new charges arise or you need to change the existing ones, but the transfer folio is already closed, you receive an error message, as the operation cannot be completed. In this situation, you could select a new transfer folio for the booking where the changes to be reflected or you can remove the transfer option. In this case, the corrections will take place in the booking folio.

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