Create a group booking and copying a booking

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We will examine how you can create several bookings at once, as well as the options for copying an existing booking.

Group booking

Start with the creation of a booking in any of the ways described HERE.

  • Fill in the parameters of the first booking;
  • Enter the Contact person (1) to be applied to all bookings;

Note: If you don't fill in the Guest in the booking, but only the Contact person (1), the system will create new profiles (without names) of the main guests for each booking in the group. Later on these profiles can be updated with the actual names of the guests.

  • Proceed by clicking the “Create Multiple” button;
  • In the "Booking Copies" field, enter the number of bookings that would like to save;
  • Confirm through the “Save and Copy” button.

Note: All bookings you create this way are absolutely identical. Use the feature when needing to enter multiple bookings having identical or similar parameters.

Upon the creation of the bookings, you can choose to switch to the edit mode to make changes to each of these bookings.

  • For additional changes, click the “Edit” button;
  • The edit screen allows you to call the columns (2) of the fields that you need to make the changes.
  • Save (3) the changes before exiting the screen;


  • To see the saved bookings, click the “Open in Advanced Search” button.

Important: For all bookings created this way, the system automatically allocates an identical reference number coinciding the number of the first booking in the group. Prior to the creation of bookings, you can enter the number or the name of the group. Use this number to quickly search the whole group.

Booking Copy

Clock PMS+ allows you to easily duplicate the bookings in the system. You can create copies of an existing booking, simply follow the steps:

  • Locate the booking and open it for edit;
  • Click the “Save as Multiple” (4) button;
  • Enter the number of copies you wish to create;
  • Keep the same guest profile for all bookings (5)- tick the checkbox ONLY if you want the copies to be related to the same guest profile. Otherwise, for each booking, the system will create a copy of the guest profile;
  • Save through the “Save and Copy” button.

After the creation of the copies, you can open them for editing or review in the Advanced Search feature as described above.

Note: All copies are created with the “Expected" status. Each of the copies gets a reference number coinciding with the number of the booking being copied. This way the original booking and its copies are in a common group.

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