Housekeeping Operations - Room Statuses, Completing/Editing Tasks, and Manual Tasks

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With this article, you will learn about Room statuses related to Housekeeping and how to create manual tasks.

Room Statues

There are several statuses related to housekeeping:

  • No status/Completed - this indicates that the room is clean or cleaning has been completed.
  • Dirty - indicates that the room is dirty and should be cleaned.
  • In Progress - indicates that the room is currently being cleaned or used for other purposes as well.
  • Inspect - can be used to mark a room in need of inspection.
  • Task - this is a peculiar status. Please find more information below.

The status of the room is visible on any screen where the Room number is visible - the Room Calendar, the booking, the arrivals screen, in hotel screen and several others.

Important: Once you generate the tasks for the day, the Rooms that need cleaning will automatically receive the 'Dirty' status.

Completing / Editing Tasks

You are able to complete, edit or manually create tasks from several different screens:

Room Calendar

Housekeeping Report

Housekeeping Live monitor

A booking

Housekeeping Tasks management screen

Manual Tasks

As mentioned above, tasks will mostly be created automatically through the Activity Schemes; Charge templates with attached scheme or an arrival activity added in a booking.

However, it is quite common that you may need to add an incidental task. You can add a 'New Task' from any of the above pictured screens.

Regardless from which screen you add a task, you will see the following window:

  • Status (1) - select if this task should change the Housekeeping status of the room and what status to apply. Please note, status 'Task' does not modify the housekeeping status of the room. See more info below.
  • Activities (2) - select if one or more of the pre-created Activities should be performed.
  • Text (3) - you can add a text or more information to this task, visible on all screens.
  • Housekeeper (4) - optionally, enter a name of a housekeeper that should perform the task.
  • Credits (5) - enter how many credits (minutes) this task will take.
  • Priority (6) - select the priority of the task.

Status 'Task'

If you have a task that, in your opinion, shouldn't affect the room status (i.e. it should not prevent the guest check-in to this room ), select 'Task' as its status.

This way, this task won't lead to the room having a 'Dirty' status, but it will be present on the task list. You can use such tasks when it comes to minor maintenance issues, e.g. "battery change of a remote control' or requests of your guests regarding more pillows or an additional blanket.

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