Issuing an Instruction to the kitchen

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In contrast to the kitchen receipts, accompanying an order and being sent to all kitchens to which an order is addressed, Instructions can be sent to a specific kitchen, without being necessary for an order to be placed for this kitchen. Use them when you need to notify a kitchen of important info related to the customers at a specific table, for example it is time for the preparation of the main courses to start.

How to create

For greater efficiency and facility, you can set a preliminary list of the commands to be sent. To add them, go to Management-> Kitchen Instructions.

  • In the 'Default kitchen instructions' field, add each kitchen instruction on a new row;
  • Show the last kitchen instructions on the main screen - tick the checkbox, if you wish to see info on the Home screen of the last instruction sent about the specific table.

How to use

  • Access the table bill and click the 'Instructions' (1) button;
  • In the 'Send to kitchens' field, select the kitchens to which the instructions are to be sent;
  • In the 'Kitchen Instructions' field, select from the list of preset instructions;


  • In the 'Custom instructions' field, enter a custom text to be sent to the kitchens;
  • Complete the operation through the 'Send' button.

All sent instructions about a given table can be seen on the list (2) under the 'Instructions' button. Their colour shows their execution status. All new instructions are in yellow. If an instruction is marked on the kitchen monitor as completed, you will see it coloured in green.

Where do instructions appear in Clock POS

The instructions in Clock POS appear on the kitchen monitors and the kitchen receipts. Check out the examples below:

Kitchen monitor:

Kitchen receipt:

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