A Separate Document for Each Guest in the Booking

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By default, a folio is created for each booking and it contains all services related to a specific booking. In practice, it might be necessary to issue an individual document for each of the guests pertaining to its part of the bill. Here is how to deal with such a case:

Distribution of Charges

The first step before issuing the document is to distribute the charges into individual folios depending on how you would like them to be invoiced.

  • Open the booking and scroll down to the 'Rates and folios' section;
  • To simplify the process, you can add the necessary folios to the booking in advance, e.g. if you wish to distribute the services between two guests, add one more folio;
  • Open the folio with the services;

For the purposes of distribution, you can use the 'Split' or the 'Transfer' functions.

  • Apply the 'Transfer' function to these charges that are to be moved in full to an individual folio, e.g. the guest has a transferred POS bill for which the same wishes to have a separate document issued.

  • Apply the 'Split' function to the charges whose value is to be distributed among the guests in the booking, e.g. the charges for overnight stays and package services related to the rate. The function allows you to easily distribute the amounts equally among the guests or set a percentage ratio.

Document Issue

Upon the distribution of the services into the folios, return to the booking.

  • In the 'Rate and Folios' section, find the folio that you would like to close;
  • Follow the usual steps to issue a document.

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