To-Do Channels and linking them to Users

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What are To-Do Channels?

To-Do channels are essentially the 'topic' of the To-Do. Each To-Do must have a channel selected in order to be created.

Within Clock PMS+ there are several system To-Do channels built-in that can be used when manually creating To-Dos or are used when the system creates automatic To-Dos. Additionally, you are able to create other channels to match your needs. 

System Channels

The system channels are built-in within the system and cannot be edited/deleted. Main reason for this is that in addition to the option to select them in To-Dos which you create, they are used by the Clock PMS+ when the system creates To-Dos to inform you that something has happened:

  • Bookings - when the system creates a To-Do informing you about a new booking (through BookDirect or channel manager), this To-Do will be allocated to the 'Bookings' channel.
  • Channel Manager - To-Dos informing about an import or export issue with the channel manager will be assigned to this channel.
  • Gift voucher - To-Dos informing about the purchase of a Gift Voucher through the Webshop will be assigned to this channel.
  • Payments - To-Dos informing about online payments - booking guarantee through MyBooking Portal; payment through MyBooking Portal; deposit payment through the Event Confirmation App - will be assigned to this channel.
  • Events - To-Dos informing about an event offer being signed through the Event Confirmation App will be assigned to this channel.
  • Feedback - To-Dos informing about new feedback left through the MyBooking Portal will be assigned to this channel.
  • Online check-in - To-Dos informing that a booking has online check-in will be assigned to this channel.
  • Folio - To-Dos reminding about folios being left open for a long time will be assigned to this channel.

Custom Channels

In addition, you are free to create To-Do channels in order to meet your needs. For example, you can create a 'Wake-up calls' channel. With this, when having a request for a wake-up call by a guest/booking, you can set it in this channel for easy tracking.

To create custom To-Do channels:

  • Navigate to menu Other Functionalities->To-Do
  • Press the settings button on the top right corner and select 'To-Do channels'

  • in the 'Custom' section click '+Add' and enter the text/name of the channel. Save.

To-Do channels and Users

To-Do channels not only set a 'topic' of the To-Do, but they also are used to control which To-Dos users see based on their function/job. For example, the Hotel manager can have access and see To-Dos for all channels, while e.g. a housekeeping user (if you provide them with access) can see only To-Dos assigned to the 'Housekeeping' channel.

In order to set the To-Do channel/s that a user will see:

  • navigate to menu Settings->All Settings->Users->Users
  • edit the user in question
  • navigate to the 'To-Do channels' tab

  • on the next page, simply select which To-Do channels the user will see/have access to and save.

Important: As part of the To-Do functionality, you have the opportunity to assign a To-Do directly to a user. However, a channel is still required. In order to assign a user and have the desired channel allocated, the user to which you want to assign the To-Do must have access to the channel you want to apply.

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