Closing a bill - posting payments, using the 'Tip' function

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What does closing a bill mean

The action of closing a bill in Clock POS requires applying a payment equal to the total value of the bill. Once a bill is closed:

  • you cannot add any more items (orders) to the bill
  • you no longer can void individual items or make them complimentary
  • you no longer can apply a discount or surcharge
  • you cannot split the bill into several bills
  • the table will be opened for new bills
  • the final bill with payment info will be printed

How to close a bill

In order to close a bill navigate to the bill closing screen by using the 'Settle' button on the bottom of the screen or the 'Order/Settle' button on the top. Then:

If the guest will pay in Cash

  • press the 'Cash' button. Optionally, enter the amount the guest hands to you. The system will calculate the change you need to return. Select the button 'Cash' or select the sub-type if you use payment sub-types for Cash.

If the guest will pay by Card

  • If you use a supported payment processor (Adyen, Six/Worldline, Elavon), press the 'Terminal' button to send the amount to the terminal. Once the guest swipes their card/use a contactless one and the transaction is confirmed, the payment will be automatically posted and the bill closed. See more details about Card payment operations in Clock POS
  • if you don't use a supported payment processor, process the payment through your card terminal and once you have confirmation that the transaction is complete, press the 'Card' button in the bill and select the payment type/sub-type.

If the guest wants to transfer their bill to a PMS+ folio

  • press the 'Select Room' (if you want to transfer to a room folio) or 'Select Company' (if you want to transfer to a company folio). Full details on how to transfer can be found in Transferring charges (bills) to Clock PMS+


  • the above actions will close the bill and if you have printers, the final bill (receipt) for the guest will be printed. There will be no billing details (of the guest) on that bill.
  • If the guest wants you to add their details to the final bill and/or have an invoice, please read how to do that in Closing a bill and Issuing an Invoice
  • If the guests want to split their bill and pay separately or a guest wants to pay with different payment methods, please read how to handle these situations in How to split a bill/payment.

Using the 'Tip' function

Clock POS also gives you the option to record tips in the system. Generally, we recommend using the 'Tip' function/button only if local law requires from you to record tips or your operations regarding tips require them to be recorded in the system.

What does it do

By using the 'Tip' function you will be recording tips in the system so they are represented in your reports. Tips posted using the 'Tip' button will be visible in the 'Payments report' as a negative amount.

How to use it

The Tip function should be used prior to closing the bill. Here are the steps:

  • navigate to the 'Settle' screen
  • press the yellow 'Tip' button
  • enter the amount the guest tips
  • the value of the bill (that the guest needs to pay) will increase with the amount of the tip and a negative payment with the type 'Tip' will be recorded.

  • once you have recorded the tip you can proceed to close the bill with the respective payment type with which the guest will pay. In the clip above, the value of the bill is 45, the tip is 5. In total, the guest paid 50 in Cash, of which 5 will be recorded as a tip.

How can the tip be tracked

Tips that have been recorded will be visible in the 'Payments report' as a negative payment.

Note: Tips left with a card transaction through a terminal of a supported payment processor will also have the brand of the card indicated as a sub-type - e.g. 5 GBP Tip/Visa.

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