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The 'Room Calendar' screen is an operational one on which you can get the full picture of the availability for each room for a period of 31 days. In addition, the screen is fully functional and you can perform many operations on it. To access it, select Availability ->Room Calendar from the navigation bar.

Navigation and Screen View

In the upper part of the screen, you will find the buttons for changing the viewed period and screen view.

  • By default, the screen shows 31 days as of the current date. Through the quick buttons (5), you can move the period by 7 or 30 days forward and back. 
  • Date (3) -  select a start date of the viewed period.
  • Today (2) -  loads a 31-day period starting from the current date.
  • View (1)- you have the option to choose a screen view that suits your needs best:
    • You can select among several types of room grouping (9);
    • Different calendar scale (6);
    • Load information of the events (7) in the period. If you click an event on the calendar, you will open it for review.
    • In case that the list of rooms is very long, you can repeat the dates (8).
  • Labels (4)- allows you to highlight dates selected by you in a different colour to make them stand out. Add a date and select the desired calendar colour (the description field can remain empty).

Operating Capabilities


All bookings with allocated rooms in the viewed period are loaded on the screen. 

  • Colour - by default, the booking colour shows its status:
    • Green - a guaranteed booking; 
    • Orange - a booking awaiting guaranteeing, whose guarantee period has not yet expired.
    • Red - a booking awaiting guaranteeing, whose guarantee period has expired.
    • Yellow - a booking that is not guaranteed;
    • Black - a checked-in booking;
    • Gray – a checked-out booking;

Bookings, for which a different colour is selected by exception, are visualised on the Calendar in accordance with the value of the 'Calendar colour' field in the booking

  • You can receive the main information of a given booking (14) by simply hovering over the booking (PC), with the first tap (iOS, as the second one opens the booking) or tapping and holding (Android).
  • Additional icons indicate if there are unpaid folios (13) and whether the room change is disabled (12);
  • To open the booking for review, simply click it;
  • Unallocated bookings (11) - the link will lead you to the 'Bookings - Advanced Search' screen where you will find a list of all bookings not being allocated a room for the period. In the row, you will see the number of these bookings for each of the dates.
  • Drag&Drop (10)- activates the option to move a booking to another period or room through dragging & dropping.

Important: The booking's room change doesn't impact its price. To update the price in compliance with the room, it is important to change the booking's rate.


Through the screen, you can also perform many operations with the rooms themselves:

  • Room Type (15) - filters the rooms of the selected type only;
  • Free rooms (16) - a link to the 'Occupancy Forecast' screen. The row shows the number of free rooms for each date of the period.
  • If you click a certain room number, you will be able to add a housekeeping task or reflect a change to already existing  ones. Learn more about housekeeping tasks.
  • Click a calendar cell to open a context menu (17). From here you access the following functions:
    • Access to the housekeeping tasks of the room;
    • Ability to set an OOS status of the room or if there is such a valid status for a specific date, you can correct it;
    • Directly open the room for editing and change its settings;
    • Quick links to create a new booking for a specific room.

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