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Clock PMS+ supports several types of booking statuses. Each of them shows a certain booking characteristic. Through statuses, you can filter and distinguish various types of bookings. They are also used for the automation of processes.

Confirmation Status

A status indicates if a confirmation email is sent to the booking's guest or contact person. Bookings created via BookDirect (WRS) come with the "Confirmed" status. All other bookings can be confirmed the following way:

  • By sending a confirmation email through the 'Confirmation' button on the booking review screen or through the 'Confirmation' functional button on the Booking search screens;
  • By marking the booking as confirmed (in the events when it has been confirmed in another way). To this end, use the options described above, but instead of sending an email, use the 'Confirm!' option.

The confirmation status can be used:

Guarantee Status

The guarantee status is an indicator of whether the guarantee conditions are met for the booking. A change to the status can be done:

  • Manually - a user marks a booking as guaranteed:
    • through a status change using the 'Guaranteed' checkbox (under the 'Guarantee Option' field) when editing the booking;


  • Automatic guaranteeing is done in the following cases provided that the conditions of the selected guarantee option are met for the booking: 
    • Bookings coming from BookDirect (WRS), not guaranteed through a bank guarantee, are automatically guaranteed;
    • Bookings coming from channel managers, working in combination with a payment processor;
    • Bookings coming from channel managers, not working in combination with a payment processor, are automatically guaranteed provided that these booking contain credit card details;
    • Guests themselves can guarantee their bookings via the Мy Booking Portal (Self Service portal);
    • Tasks for automatic payments can mark the booking as guaranteed;
    • Tokenizing the card in the booking.

The guarantee status of the booking can be used:

  • When setting up the tasks for the Payment Autopilot feature;
  • When configuring the automatic messages through Guest Mailer;
  • For clear distinction among the bookings on the Room Calendar screen;
  • For data segmentation in reports;
  • In the 'Bookings Awaiting Guarantee Report' - for tracking guarantee terms;
  • For the additional filtering of bookings on the Bookings - Advanced Search screen.

Check-In Status

Apart from showing if a booking is checked in, the status also indicates whether a booking is valid. The valid bookings have one of the following statuses:

  • Expected- all new bookings are created with this status. Regardless of the current status of the booking (including when invalid), it can always be restored with the “Expected” status. To do so, open the booking for review and click the Functions->Make-Expected button;
  • Checked-In - bookings of the guests checked-in at the hotel. To change their 'Checked-In' status, it is necessary for the booking to have an allocated room number. See how to check in bookings;
  • Checked-Out - shows bookings of guests having already checked out of the hotel. Only 'Checked-In' bookings can be marked as checked-out. Guests themselves can mark their checkout through the My Booking Portal (Self Service portal) or you can see how to check out a booking in Clock PMS+.

Invalid bookings can have one of these two statuses:

  • Cancelled - use in the cases when a guest has cancelled their booking. To mark a booking as cancelled:
    • open the booking for review and click the Functions->Cancel button;


    • through the booking search screens when in multiple booking edit mode by using the button Cancel -> Cancel button.
  • No Show - used in cases when guests from an expected booking simply don't show up. To change the status:
    • open the booking for review and click the Functions->No Show button;


    • through the booking search screens when in a multiple booking edit mode by using the functional Cancel->No Show button.

Both statuses can be applied to any valid booking, as a result, the Cancellation Policy is applied (if there is such selected for the booking).

The check-in statuses can be used to:

  • Configure automatic messages through the Guest Mailer;
  • Filter bookings on the Bookings - Advanced Search screen;
  • Distinguish the various valid bookings on the ' Room Calendar' screen;
  • Filter the results in the 'Booking Segmentation Report'.

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