Creating Meeting Rooms

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If your property has event spaces and conference rooms, you can create them in Clock PMS+ to easily book them and have a Calendar where you can clearly see their availability.

Important: Please note that in order to create Meeting rooms and manage Meeting room bookings you need to have the MICE add-on included in your subscription. Please contact us at or your Business Development Associate if you wish to add it.

Creating Meeting Rooms

To create meeting rooms navigate to menu Settings-> All Settings-> MICE-> Meeting Room and click on the '+' (1) button.

  • Name (2) - enter a name of the meeting room. This name is visible for the guest-facing features as well.
  • Description for the staff (3) - enter an internal description for this meeting room. The description is visible in the Activity calendar.
  • Min / Max PAX (4) - enter the minimum and maximum number of people that can fit the room
  • Sort order (5) - sort the meeting rooms in your preferred order for the meeting room calendar.

Min / Max PAX per Setup

Once the meeting room is created you can also set the Min / Max PAX depending on the Setup of the meeting room. For example, when the setup is Theatre, the MAX PAX can be 100, while when it is Boardroom, it can be 60.

To set it up, click on the pencil icon in the Capacity column: 

In the pop-up window, add as many rows that you need, enter the Min / Max PAX and select the setup style to which they apply.

This helps the system allocate a meeting room activity with a specific setup style to meeting rooms that can accommodate it.

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