Early Booking Checkout

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Important: The operations related to the early booking checkout are controlled by the 'Booking: Early Checkout' right.

There are cases when guests need to leave the hotel before their stay is over. Here we examine how you can properly handle such situations.

Checkout without deduction of the difference in the price

If despite the early departure, the guest pays the full stay, follow the steps:

  • Open the booking and check if the folio containing overnight stay services is closed;
  • Close the folio of the booking, if not done already;
  • Without changing the stay period of the booking,  click the 'Check Out' button;
  • A warning message will appear that you are checking out the booking earlier, confirm through the 'Check Out' button.

The system will cut the booking stay period up to the current date without recalculating its price and will mark it as checked-out.

Checkout with deduction of the difference in the price

If you need to charge the guests only for the fulfilled overnight stays, follow the steps depending on the booking folio status:

The folio containing the overnight stays is open

  • Open the booking for edit and change its stay period.
  • After changing the booking stay, the system will void the overnight stay services for the dropped days;
  • Close the folio and charge the guest for the actual stay;
  • Check out the booking;

The folio containing the nights is closed

In this case reflect the correction in the closed folio first and then change the booking stay:

  • Open the folio containing the overnight stays of the booking;
  • Add a negative payment amounting to the sum that is to reimbursed to the guest;
  • In the "Charges" section, click the 'Corrections' button;

  • On the correction creation screen, void all rows of services related to the days that the guest will not use and issue (1) the correction folio;

Upon the issue of the correction document, change the booking period stay and check it out;

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