How to apply Modifiers

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Through the use of modifiers, you can change an existing Menu item. This change may include both its ingredients and price.


When using modifiers, please pay attention to the following specifics:

  • The modifiers CANNOT be selected on their own, they are always related to a Menu item;
  • Adding a modifier to a Menu item can be done solely prior to the sending of the order to the kitchen;
  • To a Menu item, you can add as many different modifiers as you need;
  • On the menu, modifiers are arranged into a separate section, grouped in accordance with the way they are configured. To select a specific modifier, open its group.

Note: Modifiers whose menu group matches a menu group of Menu items are automatically opened when the respective menu group of Menu items is selected.


Here is how you can use the modifiers:

  • Open a bill and select a Menu item;
  • Find the modifier by opening its menu group and selecting it. If it is necessary to specify several modifiers for this Menu item, you should do it before posting the next menu  article to the bill;

If you have missed to specify a modifier for a Menu item, but you haven't yet sent the order to the kitchen, you can specify the modifier by:

  • Clicking the Menu item on the list of the presently selected Menu items to which you would like to add a modifier;
  • Finding the modifier by opening its menu group and selecting it.

Important: A wrong modifier cannot be removed. In this case, remove the whole menu and re-post it.

Custom modifier

Apart from the preset modifiers, you can add custom modifiers in the posting process. You can enter a specific request by a customer even if it is necessary to post an additional charge to the main price.

Follow the above steps, but instead of a modifier from the list, click the “Custom modifier” (1) button. Enter the necessary info into the form and confirm through the “Add” button.

Important: The 'Custom item' feature requires the 'Charges – Custom Charge Posting' user right.

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