Sorting, visualization and hiding of Guest profile fields

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Apart from creating custom guest profile fields and setting value lists, you also need to configure the sorting of the fields, set on which screens those will be visualized and which ones will be required to be completed by guests.

Visualization and sorting of the profile fields

You can order the fields in a way suitable for your needs and in accordance with the applicable norms. For example, the arrangement of the address fields is different for the various parts of the world. The field sorting is different for each account. To order the fields please navigate to menu Settings->All settings->Guest Profiles->Guest profile fields visibility.

  • From the list, select the accounts for which you wish to set up the field arrangement and visibility. The following screen will appear:

Sort order (1): enter number values in ascending order by which you would like the fields to be sorted (e.g 1 will be on top of the list).

Note: We recommend not using consecutive numbers, rather have a 'buffer' between each field - e.g. 1,6,11,16. This way, if in the future you need to reorder a couple of fields you will have 'empty' slots to use, without needing to re-do the whole list. 

Short Guest Form (2): Used only on the back end. Fields marked for the 'Short guest form' will be visible in the initial compact view of a guest profile. Best practice is to have the most important/used fields marked in the 'Short guest form'.

Long Guest Form (3): Used only on the back end. Fields marked for the 'Long guest form' are not visible in the initial compact view of the guest profile and the button 'Show all fields' (2) must be clicked. Information that you collect rarely or is not so important can be marked to be only in the Long guest form or sensitive information such as document (passport) details.

Hotel Registry (4): Select if the field is to be included in the Hotel Registry (menu Booking -> Hotel Registry). This report can present the selected information for all checked-in or checked-out guests in the selected period.

Print Form (5): Choose whether it should be included on the Registration Card Preview/Print screen. This setting is useful, when using our standard registration card template. In case of a custom registration card, you can indicate in the template directly which fields to show.

Self Service Portal / Kiosk (6): Set if a field is to be used for data entry on the registration screen in the Kiosk or the MyBooking Portal. If you make the field 'Required', the guest will be required to complete it, and if the field is 'Shown', it will be visible, but not required and may be left empty.

WRS (7): Select if a field is to be shown at the last step of the booking process on the Web Reservation System. Once again, it can be 'Hidden', 'Shown' or 'Required'.

WRS Additional Guests (8): On the Web Reservation System, a person can book several rooms under one reservation. Select which fields to be shown/required for room 2,3,etc. Additionally, if the person is simply a booker (will not be the actual guest), this is the information that this person must enter for the actual guest that will stay at the property.

Folio (9): Select which information of the guest to be included in their folio Billing info.

Default (10): Enter a potential default value for the field in all screens.

Hiding of profile fields

In order to remove a field from all the screens (you will not use it), simply de-select it from both 'Short' and 'Long' guest forms and have it 'hidden' on the other columns.

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