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  • The TourX export add-on should be enabled for your Clock PMS+ account in order to use the feature. If not enabled yet for your account, please contact our sales team: hello@clock-hs.com
  • To activate the interface you will need API credentials to TourX. Please request such by contacting your TourX representative or via e-mail address: support@arcade.ch.


To configure the interface, please open Reports-> DataExport-> Tourx export and fill in the API user and API key data you have received from Tour X. Configure the date from which the guests' information should be sent to TourX as Start Date and activate the interface.


The data of the main guest of the bookings is exported every 12 hours. The data is collected for both new and updated bookings after the last data export. The exported bookings should be created after the configured Start Date and their departure date should be greater or equal to the current date.

More information about the TourX functions and capabilities is available here.


  • TourX has a minimum requirement of 1 symbol for the First and Last name. In case of an empty first/last name field, the export will return an error: Error! 400 - Bad Request

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