Deposit processing

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All payments in open deposit folios are treated as deposits. The deposit amounts can be used for the payment of actual services or can be refunded to the customer.

Deposit registration

To register a payment, follow these steps:

  • Create a deposit folio;
  • Register a payment for the deposited amount;
  • Leave the folio open.

In the open deposit folio, you can add an unlimited number of payments. The registered amounts can be transferred in parts or all at once to standard folios for the purposes of the specific services.

Deposit use

To use a deposited amount, follow these steps:

  • Open the standard folio to which you wish to transfer the payment;
  • In the 'Payments' section select Transfer Deposit from…;
  • A deposit folio selection screen will load. First, select the folio payer;
  • Upon the selection of the folio payer, the system will find the available deposit folios and make them available for selection in the 'Folio' field. Select the deposit folio and proceed through the  'Next' button.
  • A screen with the available amounts in the deposit folio will appear. Enter the amount you wish to transfer, fill in a description text and confirm through the 'Get' button.

As a result of the operation, a payment of the 'Transfer (in-house)' type will be registered to the amount of the transferred sum. A payment of the same type will be registered in the deposit folio, but it will be a negative one, thus reducing the available amount.

Note: In the folio with the services, the deposited amount IS NOT transferred with the original payment type. The transferred deposits are registered through a 'Transfer (in-house)' payment.

Voiding deposit use

At each point, you can void the deposit use, regardless of whether the folio to which you have transferred the payment is already closed. You can perform the operation through each of the two folios.

  • Open one of the two folios (the deposit folio or the one where deposit has been used);
  • Find the respective payment  of 'Transfer (in-house)' type used for the transfer;
  • Open the payment details and click the 'Void' button.
  • Fill in the reason for the void and confirm.

The operation will void the corresponding transfer payments in both folios.

Deposit refund

The refund of part or the whole amount of the deposited sum will be reflected through a negative payment in the deposit folio. Simply add the negative payment to the amount of the sum refunded to the customer.

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