Creating Activities through a Template

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Our previous articles outlined how you can recreate your event packages as ready to use templates in Clock PMS+. Having them as templates will significantly reduce the time you need to add all activities and charges to your new events, while at the same time assist with preventing mistakes. This article will showcase how you can use those templates.

Utilizing your Event templates

To use one of your templates, first create the event. Then, navigate to the Activity Calendar for the desired day and select the 'By Hours' view mode to create activities.

Note: Templates always contain activities for a single day. If you need to use a template for multiple days, follow the same steps, adjusting the calendar date each time.

Click on the 'Templates' button on the top right which will open the list with all of your created templates.

Search for the desired template and click on it. The next window will show all the activities that will be created through the template.

  • By default, all activities are selected for creation. You can choose to deselect some through the selection box (1).
  • The icon (2) indicates if this activity is a catering or meeting room activity.
  • The start time and duration set in the template (3) are loaded. You have the option to change them.
  • The number of PAX is taken from the one set in the Event (4). You can change it if needed for each activity (e.g. if not all attendees will have lunch)
  • You will see if there is a setup style set for this activity in the template (5). You can change it if needed.
  • The selection in the location column (6) are 'Auto' or the meeting rooms/restaurants. When 'Auto':
    • if you have a specific meeting  room/restaurant selectedin the template, the system will attempt to allocate the activity to that location. If it is occupied, you will see an error message and you will need to select another location (or move the other activity to a different location)

    • if you haven't selected a specific location in the template, the system will attempt to allocate the activity to an available meeting room/restaurant that can accommodate the number of PAX. In addition, the Setup style (if such is set in the template) will also be taken into consideration when auto allocating.
  • If needed, you can click the 'Transparent' (7) slider to view the calendar in its entirety. 

Result of using the Template

When using a Template, several things will happen:

  • the activities from the template will be created for the locations, for the specified duration
  • the available information will be automatically added to the activities:
    • number of PAX; 
    • Activity type (if selected in the template)
    • Setup style (if selected in the template or specified when creating); 
    • Description (if added in the template, visible in guest-facing documents); 
    • Description for the staff (if added in the template, visible in the function sheets);
    • Charges (if added in the template) will automatically posted to the event folio. Those marked in the template as 'Per guest' will be multiplied by the number of PAX.

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