Occupancy Forecast Screen

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If you need summarised info of the available rooms, use the 'Occupancy Forecast' screen. To access it, select Availability ->Occupancy Forecast from the Navigation bar.


To load the occupancy data, simply select or enter a period (1):

  • For your convenience, we have added preset periods of 7, 14 and 30 days as of the current date;
  • Through the 'Period' button, you can load the occupancy data for a period of your choosing (365 days at most);'
  • Month - select the month for which to have the occupancy data loaded.

Clock PMS+ shows the availability of all your rooms summarised by types. 

  • Details (2)- you can switch between the detailed and summarised screen view:
    • The detailed view shows thorough information of the number of available and occupied rooms, along with the ones having an OOS status. You can also check the blocks for events in the period. You can find data on the dynamics of bookings in the summary section - Arrival, Departure, Stayover, In Hotel - Rooms and Guests (9).
    • Summarised view (8) is more compact and only presents information of the free rooms of each type.

In both views, summarised data as a whole is shown. 

  • Segments (3) - you can see info of the rooms occupied by bookings and blocks in the detailed view, shown by different segments. The supported segments are:
    • Booking status – the breakdown by this segment allows you to see the occupancy by guaranteed/non-guaranteed bookings and blocks.
    • Marketing source, Marketing channel, Marketing segment. You can see the occupancy data by each of the marketing segmentation elements;
    • Company and Agent - you will get a breakdown of occupancy from bookings and blocks by the associated Company or Agent. This will enable you to compare the performance of each of your partners.

To select a segment to be used for analysing your occupancy, select the desired segmentation approach from the Segments drop-down menu. The segments will appear under each of the Bookings and Blocks groups.

  • Include Optional (4) - an option to include or exclude the optional blocks from the occupancy calculation (marked through the Optional or Allotment status). Applicable to the detailed view.
  • Adjustment (7)  - a capacity correction option allowing you to add or extract from the respective availability.

We have provided an option to print (6) the occupancy data, as well as export to Excel (5) to easily process and summarise the available data.

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