Companies in Clock PMS+

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Companies in Clock PMS+

Companies in Clock PMS+ play a vital role in the daily operations of a hotel. From being able to issue a single invoice for many company bookings, track various statistics or simply have a profile with billing information, Companies ensure a smooth and straightforward operation for staff and a level of automation as well.

Note: Company profiles are shared between all accounts (hotels) in a subscription.

Using company profiles

Company profiles can be used for many different purposes. Some of the main use cases are:

Conveniently track Company folios, Bookings, Events, Rates

A Company profile also acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything related to it. This includes:

  • Being able to locate all bookings linked to this company profile.

  • Being able to locate all events linked to this company profile.

  • Being able to view and manage all folios linked to this company profile including folios opened directly in the profile or folios part of a booking linked to this profile.

  • See all rates or the contract allocated to this profile.

More information about the Company profile page can be found HERE.

Billing Info

By creating a company profile with indicated billing information, you can easily select it as ‘Billing to’ information in the folio.

This is a common need when a guest requests their bill/invoice to be on their company name for various reasons - VAT reclaim; accounting for company expenses and other.

By creating the company profile in Clock PMS+ you can quickly select it in folios and avoid entering the information every time in case of future stays/invoices.

Note: Changing the ‘Billing to’ information of a folio, does not ‘link’ the company profile to the booking/event.

‘Attaching’ a Company profile to a booking

In the previous use case, we simply change the billing information of a folio to be one of a company but do not link the profile to the reservation, meaning you won't be able to extract any statistics about bookings for this company (ADR, # of nights/bookings/guests and many more).

In order to unleash the full potential of the functionality ‘Company’, you can link the profile to the reservation.

By selecting a company profile in a booking you will be able to make use of the following functionalities:

Comprehensive Reports 

You will be able to generate the various segmentation reports with the information segmented by company profiles. Depending on the report you generate, you will be able to extract information about generated revenue, outstanding balances, ADR, # of nights/bednights/guests/bookings and much more.

Routing functions

When having a company profile linked to the bookings you will be able to make use of the routing functions - ‘Split by Company/Agent’, 'Transfer to Company/Agent folio' and ‘Transfer to default Company/Event/Agent folio’. More information about Routing can be found in the Automatic Routing Options.

Commission calculation

By selecting a company profile in the booking, you will be able to calculate the commission you owe through the Commission module. More information is available HERE.

Hybrid use

Apart from the regular use, Company profiles can also have a ‘hybrid’ use to accommodate various processes you may apply in your daily operations. Examples include, using a profile for ‘In-house accounts’ where you can post consumption of staff members; Use a company profile to manage Gift vouchers and many more. Please consult with your Onboarding specialist or our Customer Service Team for more information if this hybrid use might be applicable in your operations.

Companies vs. Agents

Agents are mainly used for reference purposes in Clock PMS+. Technically, they are not separately created - you still simply create a ‘company’ profile for them. 

If the profile will be considered as ‘Company’ or an ‘Agent’ depends on in which field in the booking the profile is selected. A profile can be used as ‘Company’ in one case or an ‘Agent’ in another. More information about ‘Agents’ can be found HERE.

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