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The Legacy Housekeeping in Clock PMS+ is used to manage your housekeeping by "Room Status". There is a separate model of housekeeping called Housekeeping V2. This functionality provides you with the option to manage your housekeeping by 'Housekeeping Tasks'. More information about it can be found HERE.

Please note that in order to use the Legacy model, you will need to make sure that no Housekeeping Activities and Schemes are created in the Housekeeping V2 model.

Types of Room Statuses

The types of statuses which can be set to a room are the following:

  • "Clean" (OK) - the room is cleaned and ready for check-in.
  • "Inspect" - the room needs to be inspected.
  • "Progress" - the room is currently being cleaned.
  • "Dirty" - the room needs to be cleaned.

If you try to check in a booking with an assigned room whose status is 'Inspect', 'Progress' or 'Dirty', you will be warned that the room is not cleaned, and the system will ask for your confirmation to check in the booking.

The Statuses: 'Inspect', 'Progress' and 'Dirty' are presented next to the room on the Arrivals, Room Calendar and Room Plan screens. When a booking is checked out, the room assigned to it is automatically set to 'Dirty'

Managing the Statuses

For your convenience, the room statuses can be managed from multiple places:

  • Booking screen
  • Room Calendar
  • Room Plan
  • Housekeeping Report
  • Housekeeping Live Monitor
  • Housekeeping Tasks

Managing the status in the bookings

When a room is allocated to a booking - if any of the statuses, except "Clean", is set to the room, it is going to be shown next to this room. From the Booking edit screen, you can set a different status by clicking on the "Housekeeping Tasks" button and choosing another one, or simply make it 'Clean' by clicking the green button on the Housekeeping tasks pop-up. 

Managing the room status in the Room Calendar

If any of the statuses, except "Clean", is set to a room, it is going to be shown next to the room number/name in the first column of the Room Calendar. By clicking on the room number/name you can set status to 'Clean' or assign
a new status.

Managing the room status in the Room Plan

Similarly, the status is shown for each room in the Room Plan. After clicking on the desired room, you can make changes to this status.

Managing the room status in the Housekeeping Report

In the Housekeeping Report ('Other' - 'Availability' - 'Housekeeping Report'), you have an overview of all rooms and their statuses. You can filter the rooms by Room Type, room number/name, Housekeeping Status and Sector, and change their Grouping and Sorting.

In the Housekeeping Status column, you can see the actual status of the room, coloured in blue. To change it to a different one, click on the desired status.

The report will also show how many adults/children will be checking out, how many are at the hotel, and how many are expected to check in on the selected date, respectively in the Departures, In Hotel and Expected columns.

The report can be exported into a spreadsheet file or printed using the "Excel" and "Print" buttons.

Managing the room status through the Housekeeping Live Monitor

The Housekeeping Live Monitor ( go to 'Other' - 'Availability' - 'Housekeeping Live Monitor') is used to track the statuses and Housekeeping notes of the rooms in real time. The monitor provides an option for a sound notification when there us an update for any of the rooms. Additionally, there is a colour coding to help you track all changes. Once again, to make changes to a room status, you simply need to click this room.

Managing the room status through the Housekeeping Tasks

The Housekeeping Tasks option is mainly focused on the Housekeeping V2 functionality, but it can also be used for the Legacy Housekeeping. The functionality can be accessed by going to 'Other' - 'Availability - Housekeeping Tasks.

When an 'Inspect', 'Dirty' or 'Progress' status is set to a room, the system will create a Housekeeping Task for it. You can set the tasks (statuses) as completed as clicking on the green check box next to them. To change the status, click on the blue pen button next to it and select the desired one.

You can select multiple tasks, and complete them at the same time by clicking on them (the marked tasks will be coloured in green) and using the green checkbox button in the top right corner of the screen. To select all tasks, click on the "Select all" button. New statuses (tasks) can be added from the blue plus button.

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