Taking Orders and Sending Them to the Kitchen

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The Home screen of Clock POS contains all tables configured in the system. The free rooms are visualised in green, and the occupied ones are indicated in red. Apart from the table name, you will see info of the current bill.

Note: Occupied tables are the ones for which there is an open bill.

New Order

To place a new order for Menu items, from the Home screen, select a table for which to open a bill:

  • You will see the menu groups arranged according to the settings made;
  • Select the respective group to load the Menu items that it contains;
  • To select a Menu item, simply click its button;
  • Use the '<<' (1) button to return to the menu groups and continue with the selection of Menu items from the rest of the groups on the menu;
  • You can use the search feature (2) to find a Menu item by its name instead of going through the menu groups;
  • All presently selected Menu items are arranged on the list to the right (3). Before sending the order to the kitchen, you can make changes to them:
    • Change quantity - select the respective Menu item from the list and click '+' or '-' button (4) to increase or decrease the quantity by 1 piece. To set a random quantity, use the '#' (4) button;
    • Wrong Menu item deletion - select the wrong row and click the 'Delete selected' (5) button;
  • To place the order for execution by the kitchen, use the 'Order' (6)button. It will trigger the following actions:
    • Info of the order will be sent to the respective kitchens through the printing of kitchen receipts on the related printers (if any configured). Digital receipts are also generated on the kitchen monitor.
    • For the customer, a receipt with the current order will be printed;
    • The table bill be remain open for adding more Menu items;
    • Your system will redirect you to the home screen with the tables, from where you can open a new bill or continue to select new Menu items to the existing one.

A new bill for a temporary table

If all configured tables are occupied, but still you need to open a new bill, you can create a temporary table and post the bill to it. Here is how:

  • On the Home screen, select the 'New' (7) button;
  • Enter the table name and confirm through the 'Create' (8) button;
  • The menu will open from where you can select the Menu items and send the order for execution in the above manner.

Note: The temporary table will disappear upon the closure of the bill.

Order for a custom Menu item

Apart from the selection of Menu items from the configured menu, Clock PMS+ allows you to select a Menu item for which there is no preset template. You can use the option, for example, when accepting a special order from customers for Menu items that are not on your menu. Follow these steps:

  • Select a table and open a bill to post Menu items:
  • Click the 'Custom item' (9) button;
  • Fill in the necessary fields (Menu item name, revenue group, price, tax amount) and confirm.

Important: The 'Custom item' feature requires the 'Charges – Custom Charge Posting' user right .

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