Using the Kitchen Monitor

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The Kitchen Monitor allows you to keep track of kitchen orders in real-time. Being very easy to open on any device accessing Clock POS, it can be used as an effective substitute for standard printers and paper orders. You can load the monitor on a tablet or screen that your chefs use so they can easily track their orders.

How to use it

The kitchen monitor can be accessed from the home screen of Clock POS:

1. Select the kitchen for which you want you to check the orders

To select several kitchens, please hold the “Ctrl” (Windows ) / ”Command” (Mac) to select several kitchens.


2. Choose the "Sound" option if you want to hear a sound notification when a new order is registered.

3. You can increase the number of columns for better visibility on devices with larger screens.

How does it work

Use the Kitchen Monitor for one or several kitchens at once and see:

  • The elapsed minutes from the order placement. The screen data is refreshed each minute.
  • If order groups are used, the items will be arranged in the respective order groups.
  • If an order is completed it can be marked as such. Each completed order is removed 3 minutes after being marked as such.
  • The notes that are used for an order. They appear in the details of the order.
  • Orders can be pinned placing them at the top of the page
  • You can customize the colour for each order to achieve a better organization

Sample kitchen order 

We use order groups in the menu items and a two-column view for the monitor:

The same order 3 minutes later on:

Using the "Table" button you can pin, unpin, change the order color, and reprint the orders:

Order note location:

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