How to Choose a Corresponding Folio

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Many of the folio operations require the selection of a corresponding folio, e.g. split and transfer of charges, transfer of payments among folios, etc. Here we will showcase how to use the search screen, so that you can smoothly perform operations requiring a corresponding folio.

The selection of a folio is a two-step process.

Payer Selection

First, find and select the payer of the folio you are looking for. The payer selection screen gives you0 two options:

  • Suggestions (1) - depending on the payer of the source folio, you will be suggested:
    • If the payer is a booking, here you will find the booking and other bookings related to it through a common reference number, as well as the company and the event, if any such are selected in the booking; 
    • If the payer is a Company/Event, the system will suggest them to you as a list.

  • Search (2) - the search option allows you to search for a payer among the rest of the bookings, companies and events that are not related to the payer of the source folio.

Depending on the specific situation, use the suitable option and select the payer of the corresponding folio.

Folio Selection

After selecting the payer, choose the specific folio. At this step depending on the operation, you have the following two options:

  • The system will look if suitable folios are available. If found, you can select one of them from the list in the  'Folio' (5) field. If the list of available folios is long, use the magnifying glass at the end of the row to find the desired folio. You have the option to search by folio number and amount;
  • If the operation you are running allows for an open folio to be selected, you have the option to create it directly here, i.e. it is not necessary to prepare it in advance. To add a new folio, click the 'Create a new folio' (3) button. If necessary, you can specify the name and currency of the folio. Create the folio through the '+' (4) button. The system will create it and have it selected in the 'Folio' (5) field.

Through these steps, the corresponding folio is created. To proceed, follow the instructions of the operation being performed.

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